Fortuna Part 2 is in Cert for PS4/XB1

It’s been somewhat of a long time coming, but Fortuna Part 2 is finally coming to the Sony and Microsoft console platforms (Switch is begining to lag behind a little, but I understand that DE does plan to get their updates in line at some point in the future). At present, there is no date for release, but I would expect to see this land sometime next week (within the week starting 28 Jan, 2019).

This is a particularly exciting one for many of us, though, because it comes with quite a lot of desirable content – from the new warframe, Baruuk (see top of post), through to the Orb fights and many more things besides. Detail below.

more floofs

What's coming with this update?

  • Most importantly – Orb Heists! These are part mission-based, part boss battle, but it’s great to get some new “end game” content within Warframe – to get started, you need to be at Old Mate rank with the Solaris, and head into the backroom in Fortuna…
  • New mods! Part of this update will add the new Helminth Strain set, and a bunch of new Archwing mods, all of which will drop from the Profit-Taker Orb Mother battle (among other things). There will also be a bunch of new K-Drive mods added, which can be acquired from the Ventkids.
  • Little Duck’s standing will change – adding 5 new ranks! As a result, there will be a whole bunch of new Operator items: amps, amp arcanes, and Operator arcanes!
  • Three new floofs to hunt for conservation! You didn’t think we’d overlook this little nugget of info, did you? (Check out our conservation guide here!)
  •  New warframe: Baruuk! The pacifist monkframe is joining the fray!
  • New weapons, armour, skins and more!
  • New Operator hairstyles – this has been a long time coming… the existing options were… limited.
  • New Operator outfits
  • ‘Atmosphere’ Archgun weapons – yes, Archguns will now be equippable on the ground, boosting your firepower! You’ll need to install a “Gravimag” on your Archwing (these drop from the Orb Mother battle) and use an Archgun Deployer item to deploy, and yes, there is a cooldown between uses, so you can’t just go hog-wild on it… 
  • The Nyx and Titania changes are coming – read about them here!
  • New Warframe Augmentscheck out our recent post for more info!
  • …And lots, lots more!

More detail?

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