New Augment Mods for PC

Digital Extremes has done it again and surprised us all with the unexpected release of four new Augment mods! These are warframe-specific, of course, and can only be bought fro certain yndicates using Syndicate Reputation, but there was no heads up that these were coming – and they’re ready to consume on PC right now!

Details and initial impressions follow:

Molecular Fission nova

As you can see, this Augment for Molecular Prime can restore up to two Null Star charges on killing a primed enemy. In my opinion, this may well be an indispensable Augment for survivability.


  • Cephalon Suda
  • Steel Meridian
Venari Bodyguard khora

When this Augment is used, Venari will die in Khora’s place when her life reaches zero. This will increase Venari’s respawn timer, but every enemy killed will reduce the timer by 4s. In the right hands, this could almost make Khora invincible.


  • Red Veil
  • Steel Meridian


Desiccations Curse inaros

This is an Augment for Inaros’ Dessication – where he throws sand in the enemy’s eyes to blind them. With this Augment, kiling this blinded enemy with a finisher will have a 75% chance to summon a Sand Shadow, which will fight on his behalf. I’m not yet convinced that this is a worthwhile Augment, but I’m certainly willing to try!


  • Arbiters of Hexis
  • The Perrin Sequence
Spectrosiphon gara

This is an interesting one for Spectrorage, in which Gara surrounds enemies with mirrors. Enemies that die in here will have a 50% chance to drop an Energy orb, which may be helpful for Energy-hungry frames or certain builds using Equilibrium, etc.


  • Arbiters of Hexis
  • New Loka


I would expect these will hit console alongside the Fortuna Part 2 Update (whenever that arrives), but if you’re on PC, they’re available now. More info at

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