Prime Vault closing again on January 15

Quick and painless news update!

The Prime Vault, which opened all the way back in November, is once again slamming shut next week! If you are yet to farm all of the Nova/Mag Prime pieces (not to mention their shiny Prime weaponry), you only have a few short days in which to continue doing so – the Prime Vault will close again on January 15, 2019 (likely the 16th for those of us in the future).

If you want the accessories, well, you need to get your wallet ready and make those purchases before the deadline as well, otherwise they’re gone for good! Or… until the next time they are unvaulted.

For a reminder as to what was unvaulted this time around, check out our helpful article!

For more info straight from the Devs themselves – click here for the official Warframe website announcement.

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