Warframe 101: Banshee


Banshee, as her name suggests, is a shrieking warframe who uses soundwaves to her benefit. Her kit is fairly basic, providing some effective Crowd Control and some basic Support, but at high levels her fourth Ability is deadly. Her third Ability, Silence, provides some great survivability and is almost essential to build around for late-game.

Note: Banshee’s component blueprints can be purchased from the Tenno Lab at your clan’s dojo – provided the research has been done, of course.

Sonic Boom

Banshee basically screams at the enemy, creating a focused wall of sound that ragdolls enemies and inflicts minor Impact damage. Sadly, even at max rank, the damage inflicted is minimal, so this Ability is best utilised as a form of Crowd Control. With Ability Efficiency, this becomes very cheap to cast.

Sonic Boom is affected by Ability Strength and Range mods.

banshee sonic boom


Using her fine-tuned acoustic ability, Banshee emits a soundwave that reveals enemy locations within Range and highlights critical weak points for a brief Duration (30s base at max). Hitting an enemy in this critical weak point provides increased damage – 500% base at max, which is pretty helpful!

This will reveal enemies for all players, not just for Banshee herself, and can be recast to provide additional weak points to be exploited by all.

This Ability is affected by Strength, Duration, and Range mods – Ability Strength does increase the critical damage modifier.

banshee sonar


Banshee’s third Ability sees her casting another soundwave aura, this time stunning enemies and applying a sound dampener that will make affected enemies deaf to sounds that would otherwise alert them. Note that this does not make them blind, though, so when using Silence for stealth missions, you need to be swift!

Sadly, this Ability also deafens Banshee herself, muffling sounds around her. This helps to remind players that the Ability is active, however, so I guess there’s some positivity to be taken out of this!

Silence is affected by Duration and Range mods.

banshee silence

Sound Quake

Banshee’s fourth is a drain Ability, in which she will channel energy into the ground, creating reverberations not unlike an Earthquake. Enemies within the Range of this cast will stumble and take 200 Blast damage per second (base at max) while the Ability is active. This Damage falls off over the Range of the Ability.

Being a drain Ability, this is not affected by Duration, but will depend entirely on the amount of Energy the player has at the time of casting. Ability Efficiency will extend the Duration by making the per second cost cheaper, but note that Banshee can not gain Energy from other player Abilities while casting.

Sound Quake is affected by Ability Strength and Range mods, and a high Strength, high Range build for Banshee makes this Ability extremely powerful (with the added bonus of extending her Range for Silence as well, which is useful for survivability).

banshee sound quake


Banshee’s passive, Suppressor, treats all equipped weapons (including those equipped to Sentinels) as Silent.

Not much else to say, really.


banshee prime

Banshee does have a Prime Variant, which was released in early 2017, and was vaulted with the release of Mesa Prime. Getting your hands on this variant is advisable though, as she has much higher Armor (65 as opposed to 15), more Energy (262 as opposed to 225), and a slighlty higher Sprint Speed (1.15 compared to 1.1). She also has an additional polaried slot compared to her standard variant, but note that Banshee Prime is Mastery locked to MR8…

Banshee is often overlooked as having an ineffective kit. However, the stunning effect of her Silence Ability means that she has solid survivability, and with a high Strength build, she can effectively nuke whole areas.

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