Warframe 101: Mirage

Shipping in Update 14 alongside her very own personal quest, Hidden Messages, Mirage brought a little trickery to Warframe. Part magician, part trickster, Mirage’s Abilities tend to revolve around tricks of light and perspective, and this makes her very useful in certain situations.

Note: Mirage isn’t available until late in the Star Chart – her personal quest,Hidden Messages, doesn’t unlock until players complete the Pluto–>Sedna Junction.

Hall of Mirrors

Perhaps one of the best first Abilities in the game, Mirage creates a bunch of holographic clones, which surround her and copy her every movement. At max, she can have up to 4 clones, each of which can deal up to 20% of the equipped weapon’s Damage (essentially increasing Mirage’s Damage output by almost 2x). The actual Damage output is somewhat confusing, as not all clones are able to fire at a time, but the amount remains around 1.5-1.8x at base, and this can be increased by using Strength mods. After a short Duration, the clones will fade away again…

Hall of Mirrors is affected by Ability Strength and Duration mods.

mirage hall of mirrors

Sleight of Hand

The primary skill of a magician, Sleight of Hand allows for Mirage to perform some magical trickery. There are two components to this Ability, the first of which allows Mirage to conjure jewels from the air, which glitter and shine, attracting enemies before blinding them in the light, or exploding and causing Blast Damage in the darkness. As a result, you should keep an eye on the shadows if you have an intended effect. Note that when casting Sleight of Hand while Hall of Mirrors is active will enable all clones to also create a smaller jewel for additional hijinks.

The second part of this Ability comes into effect when cast upon an object (the jewel is created either way). Depending on the target, Mirage will trap the object, causing Alarm consoles to explode when used by enemies, barrels to explode, and Arc Traps to shoch enemies instead of the player. This trap is only in effect for a short Duration, after which it will return to normal function if not triggered.

This is a complex Ability that is affected by Strength, Duration, and Range. Keep an eye out for a more details post in future!

mirage sleight of hand


Again using the light and dark to her advantage, Mirage will increase her Damage output while in the light, or increase incoming Damage Reduction when in the darkness. This is not a permanent effect, and moving from light to dark will cause the perk to change, ending after a short Duration. That said, Eclipse can be recast at any time to refresh the Duration.

This Ability is affected by Strength and Duration mods.

mirage eclipse


We’ve always affectionately referred to this Ability as Mirage’s “exalted disco ball” because… that’s kind of what it is. On casting, Mirage will fire off a single reflective prism, not unlike a Disco Ball, which will move about the environment, bouncing off walls and ceilings, and firing off lasers of its own – up to 20 at max – killing all that come near with Radiation Damage. It’s super effective.

If you get bored with it, you can cast it again, which will cause the prism to explode, causing a blinding effect on nearby enemies – this will also happen automatically after a short Duration. However, as this is a powerful Ability, it ALSO drains Energy, and the prism will also explode should you run out of Energy prior to the Duration coming to an end.

Prism is affected by Ability Strength, Duration, and Range mods, but keep in mind it is also quite an Energy-hungry Ability, costing an initial 50 Energy, plus 10 Energy per second afterwards (all numbers are base at max).

mirage prism


Mirage’s passive, Jester’s Proficiency, allows her to be more agile than other warframes, with 25% faster bullet jump speed, and 50% faster maneuver speed (which includes all kinds of acrobatics, from rolling and wallrunning, to swordplay).


mirage stats
mirage prime stats

Mirage Prime is another Prime warframe that you would want to seek out over her standard variant, as her increased stats make her much harder to kill. Her Prime has higher Shields (330 vs 240), higher Armor (150 vs 60) and two additional polarised mod slots. That said, she also comes with a Mastery Rank requirement of MR8…

While Mirage’s second Ability is quite confusing, she’s a really fun warframe to use overall, and is also quite powerful, allowing skilled players to output a whole lot of DPS while maintaining solid survivability. Best of all, though, it’s just great to have five of you. Oh, and her exalted disco ball is pretty great, too.

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