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Nekros – the master of death and the one true edgelord. He was released in Update 10.0 on Friday 13th, bringing all of his necromantic powers to bear. Along with the reference of his release date, at max rank with a max Redirection mod, his shields are equal to 666. Nekros is not just a assortment of references, but also a frame many people bring for resource farming. Let’s unveil the dark power of this terrifying frame.

Note: Nekros isn’t easy to get unless you have some high-level friends, as his parts only drop from Lephantis in the Orokin Derelict Assassination. Now that Lephantis is less buggy, you should have some luck, and he’s well worth hunting for! 

Soul Punch

Starting off Nekros’s spooky powers is Soul Punch. Targeting an enemy, he telekinetically punches their soul, knocking them back. You also punch the targets soul out of their body dealing Impact damage in a line behind them. This ability is affected by Strength increasing the initial damage, Range increasing cast range, and Efficiency decreasing cast cost.

nekros soul punch


Next is the ability too spooky for the enemies: Terrify. Not only does this ability frighten your enemies, but it will also reduce their armor by a percentile. This ability is affected by Strength, allowing you to scare more enemies and reduce more armor, Duration making enemies scared longer, Range scaring people in a larger area, and, of course, Efficiency to decrease the cost.

nekros terrify


Now for Nekros’s signature ability, Desecrate. This ability allows him to consume corpses in an area around him to have a chance to produce more loot. This ability is affected by Range allowing you to consume in a larger radius and Efficiency decreasing how much energy it takes to consume a corpse. Note that loot drops from each PIECE of corpse, so using a weapon with high Slash damage can result in more… pieces to loot. 

nekros desecrate

Shadows of the Dead

Lastly, Nekros truly shows his mastery over the dead with Shadows of the Dead. Nekros raises those he has killed to fight alongside him for a period of time or till their health runs out, which steadily decreases. The shadows start at their original base stats, but gain bonus percentile Health, Shields, and Damage. This ability is affected by Strength increasing the percentile bonuses, Duration in terms of how fast the Health decreases, and Efficiency, which reduces the cost of the ability.

nekros shadows of the dead


Nekros, being a master of death, is always benefiting from the death of those around him with Soul Siphon. This passive regenerates his Health when enemies die around him.


nekros stats
nekros prime stats

Nekros has a very impressive looking Prime variant, and alongside these more “edgy” looks, he comes with some stat bonuses to boot! His Prime has higher max shields (450 compared to 270), slightly higher Energy (188 compared to 150), and an additional polarised mod slot.

Nekros is always benefiting from the death and destruction happening around him beyond simply needing to kill enemies to survive. However, these benefits do not just help him, but the whole team, due to his looting capabilities. Even though he is macabre, spooky, and even somewhat of an edgelord, you can always shout out and rely on a Nekros to be there when you need to speed up the farm.

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