Warframe 101: Nova

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Nova is a nutty warframe – not because she herself is crazy, but simply because she is themed on Antimatter. Antimatter! How do you theme a warframe based on something that is not even fully understood by modern-day science!? With imagination, of course!

As a result, Nova has some Abilities that are somewhat left-of-centre, focused highly on DPS, and although she doesn’t have any defensive Abilities, she does have an escape button.

Note: Nova can quite easily be acquired by defeating the Raptors on Europa. Well… once you’ve figured out how to best those little fellas, at least.

Null Star

Nova creates a bunch of little Antimatter particles that orbit around her, providing her with some minor Damage Reduction (which only affects Nova’s Health). When an enemy gets within Range, one of these little sparks will seek them out, inflicting Slash Damage.

A simple Ability, but it does provide both Damage mitigation and Damage dealing – I don’t leave my Orbiter without it.

Null Star is affected by Ability Strength, Duration, and Range mods – strangely, Duration affects the number of particles that become available on casting.

nova null star

Antimatter Drop

On casting, Nova will do a little flourish and send out a small bubble of Antimatter in the direction she is facing, but which can also be directed using the targeting reticule. Over the course of its flight, this bubble will absorb all incoming Damage (friendly and otherwise). On contact with the environment or an enemy, it will discharge, causing some minor base Damage, plus 4x the absorbed Damage as Radiation Damage. This explosion causes Damage over a large Radius (15m base at max level).

This Ability is affected by Strength mods only, but note that this wil not increase the Damage multiplier for absorbed Damage.

nova antimatter drop

Worm Hole

Pretty much what you might be expecting – Nova rips a hole in the very space-time fabric in front of her, opening another 50m away in a straight line (base at max level). This allows for instantaneous travel and troll hijinks.

While it is a simple Ability, there are a few important things to note – for one, you can create up to 4 at a time, but they will only last for a short Duration. Further, they will also cease to exist after 4 uses.

Worm Hole is affected by Duration and Range mods.

nova worm hole

Molecular Prime

Hey, hey – a Prime Ability! Well, I guess in some ways all fourth Abilities are the Prime, but in this case the word Prime doesn’t refer to its status, but rather to its function. Casting Molecular Prime will “prime” all enemies within Range in wave that poragates from the point of origin. Affected enemies move slower, take 200% more Damage, and explode on death, dealing additional Blast Damage to enemies within Range. Any deaths caused by this explosion causes additional explosions, creating a satisfying domino effect of exploding enemies.

Molecular Prime is affected by Strength, Duration, and Range mods, and many players like to play around with Ability Strength to create versions of Nova that can slow down or speed up enemies on casting.

nova molecular prime


Nova’s passive, Explosive Counter, provides Nova with an energy field that will knock down enemies within a 6m radius whenever she herself is knocked down.


nova stats
nova prime stats

There are those that think Nova Prime is not a great looking Prime, but I beg to differ – before Valkyr, Nova was my favourite frame. That said, however, her Prime variant doesn’t provide a massive advantage over her standard variant – although she does come with some benefits. She has higher Shields (300 vs 225) and higher Energy (262 vs 225), and she also comes with an additional polarised mod slot.

While Nova doesn’t have any real original utility compared to more recently released warframes, she’s still a very solid Damage-dealer that also happens to be a hell of a lot of fun to use. And her Worm Hole can also be used for both good (fast map traversal) and evil (trolling friends), and isn’t that a really good bonus?

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