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Gracing players alongside Update 11.5, Oberon the King of the Fairies entered the fray. A paladin of sorts, Oberon mixes utility with incredible survivability – nobody id really going to complain that there’s an Oberon coming along for the ride. Some say his Abilities make him somewhat overpowered, I say shut up I’m having fun. Get some Oberon into your life – you’re unlikely to regret it.

Note: Oberon’s pieces drop like candy from Eximus units. The more you play, the more Oberons you’ll be able to build. You just need the patience to collect all three.


Cast upon a single enemy, Smite essentially fills them with magical light, which explodes from them with fury. This causes Impact and Radiation Damage and applies a Radiation proc, which causes them to become confused and attack other enemies. In addition, the affected enemy will also release orbs of light, which will seek out additional enemies, causing Radiation Damage.

Notably, this is a one-handed Ability, so it can be cast while doing other one-handed things!

Smite is affected by Ability Strength, Range, and Duration mods (although Duration only affects the time that the Orbs will seek enemies before fading away).


Hallowed Ground

Good old magic-filled Oberon casts his blessings upon the ground in front of him, enabling the area within Range to become “Hallowed Ground” for a short Duration, represented by a field of foliage overgrowth while the Ability is active. During this time, enemies within the area will take Radiation Damage every half-second, and allies will be cured of and immune to Status effects (but only while within the Hallowed Ground). While you can create up to 4 areas of Hallowed Ground at a time, note that this Ability does not affect airborne enemies.

Like Smite, Hallowed ground is affected by Strength, Range, and Duration mods.

oberon hallowed ground


Like a benevolent King, Oberon seeks to heal his allies. On casting Renewal, he begins to release healing waves of Energy, which heals not only himself but also his teammates and any summoned units that may be available, such as Spectres, Companions, and rescue targets. This is a Drain Ability, so it will continue until the user runs out of Energy. During this time, he heals himself and allies at a rate of 40 Health per second (base at max), but other units will be healed at a third of this rate.

Any unit that is downed (allies or companions) will also have their Bleedout time increased, allowing more time for them to be revived.

This Ability works very nicely alongside Hallowed Ground – any ally that enters the Hallowed Ground while also being affected by Renewal will receive the Iron Renewal buff, which also provides a buff to Armor ( an increase of 200 Armor for 20s, base at max).

While using Renewal, Oberon can not be granted more energy without the use of Energy Orbs (although this can be impacted by Rage/Hunter Adrenaline or Arcane Energize), so that’s important to keep in mind. For that reason, Ability Efficiency is key for this Ability; however, Renewal is also affected by Strength, Range, and Duration mods.

oberon renewal


On casting, Oberon lifts all enemies within Range, slamming them into the ground soon thereafter. This causes a fairly hefty 1250 Damage (base at max) along with a Knockdown and Radiation proc. It also causes EXTRA Damage to those already afflicted by a Radiation proc. Any enemies killed by Reckoning have a chance of spawning a Health orb (making Oberon a good candidate for Equilibrium), and enemies NOT killed by Reckoning will be blinded. More than that? Surviving enemies standing on Hallowed Ground will have their Armor permanently reduced. Pretty good, huh? I guess you kind of have to keep remembering to keep all Abilities active, but in reality, it doesn’t matter – Oberon is a beast all round.

Reckoning is affected by – you guessed it – Strength, Range, and Duration mods, but the Duration only affects the Duration of blindness, so it’s not key for this Ability.

oberon reckoning


Oberon’s passive, Beastmaster, makes him friends to flora and fauna – well, for allied beast companions, at least. All Allied pets will receive +25 Health, Armor, and Shield links, which is actually pretty awesome. Oberons own pet companion will also receive 1 additional instant revive.


oberon stats
oberon prime stats

Oberon’s Prime variant looks a lot better than his standard, and his stat differences are definitely large enough to warrant players to want to chase him – although he does have a Mastery Rank restriction to MR8…

Oberon Prime comes with additional Armor (225 compared to 150), Energy (262 as opposed to 225), and two additional polarised mod slots.

Oberon’s Abilities make him a powerhouse – on the one hand, he can do some serious Damage, including Damage over time within an area of effect, but on the other hand, he can also provide a somewhat permanent healing effect. If you can manage his Energy Efficiency effectively, then you will have a new favourite frame on your hands… Provided you like paladins.

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