Warframe 101: Valkyr

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Released in Update 11.0, Valkyr is everyone’s favourite psycho kittyframe. Based on the profile of a berserker, Valkyr gets angry, and when she gets angry, she makes sure everybody knows she’s angry.

A very tanky frame with some basic support and CC utility, Valkyr is best used to add some solid DPS to a group. Couple that with her Abilities, which often provide her with ways to either regain Health or negate Damage, and you basically have an invulnerable warframe.

Note: Valkyr can be acquired relatively early in the game, as a drop from Alad V on Jupiter. I recommend grabbing her if you can.

Rip Line

With this first Ability, Valkyr makes use of her trusty grappling hook. This can be used in one of two ways – if aimed at the environment, Valkyr will be propelled towards that location (provided it is within Range), enabling her to quickly reposition, or get quickly out of danger.

If the Rip Line hits an Enemy or teammate, then they will be pulled towards her. Why target a teammate, you may ask? To pull them out of danger, or to help them to reposition themselves to a tricky location, of course. Enemies hit by the grapling hook will also receive Slash Damage and be ragdolled along the way.

A little-known fact is that Rip Line actually benefits from multiple casting – a second cast will cost 50% of the first, and deal 200% Damage, while a third cast will cost 75% less and deal 400% Damage. This is, of course, provided the cast is performed within a second of the previous. Keep this in mind when targetting – go for the easy guys first, and leave that third cast for the Nox. Note, though, that Rip Line does not affect bosses.

This Ability is affected by Ability Strength and Range mods. Duration mods can affect the combo duration, so keep an eye on this stat when applying your mods.

valkyr rip line


Warcry s a simple, yet effective support buff – Valkyr lets out a piercing scream, providing herself and all teammates within range with an increase in melee damage and speed, while slowing enemies. Affected friends are also provided with a boost to Armor for the Duration of the Ability.

Warcry is affected by Strength, Duration, and Range mods.

valkyr warcry


On casting Paralysis, Valkyr essentially discharges her shields outwards, causing a stun and knockback effect on enemies within Range at the cost of 33% of her Shield. In addition, the Ability will also Damage enemies by up to 3.5x her Shield at the time of casting (base at max), so a larger Shield stat will result in better effectiveness.

Paralysis is affected by Strength and Range mods.

valkyr paralysis


On casting, Valkyr becomes a white-hot ball of kitty fury. This is a drain Ability, so it is important to keep an eye on your Energy, as it can only be obtained from Energy Orbs while the Ability is active (there are other ways, but they are less common).

In this state of intense fury, Valkyr will become invulnerable and will attack with her exalted talons. These attacks cause Damage to nearby enemies (naturally) and have a 50% Critical Chance, 200% Critical Multiplier, and 10% Status Chance. Valkyr will also heal herself by 5% of the total Damage (base at max). Effectively, this makes Hysteria a great get out of trouble Ability, particularly for its self-healing utility.

However, note that 30% of all Damage that Valkyr ignores is stored, and 25% of this will be dealt to Valkyr when Hysteria is deactivated if in line-of-sight of an enemy. As a result, make sure everyone is dead before you deactivate and/or keep an eye on your Energy.

Hysteria is only affected by Strength mods, but as per all drain Abilities (and all Abilities in general, really), Efficiency and Duration are pretty key here.

valkyr hysteria


Valkyr’s passive, Nimble, means that she’s… uhhh… nimble. She can recover faster from knockdowns, and is immune to heavy landings.


valkyr stats
valkyr prime stats

Valkyr is pretty damned tanky in both variants, but it’s the Energy gain that you really want from her Prime variant. Her Prime benefits from increased Armor (700 vs 600 in her standard variant), increased Energy (225 vs 150), and she comes with an additional polarised mod slot.

It’s no secret that Valkyr is one of my favourite warframes, but she is so with good reason. While you probably won’t find yourself using all of her Abilities all of the time,Warcry and Hysteria are both extremely useful, and you’ll find yourself having a blast swinging around the environment like Spider-Gwen. She’s my go-to warframe for DPS, and used to also be my go-to for survivability, but she has recently been replaced by Nidus on that front…

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