Episode 29 – The Clan Special

With Devstream 123 sadly cancelled this week, we were put into a bit of a spin wondering what to discuss! So we decided to do anoother special – this week, it’s the Clan Special, in which we look at Clans and Dojos – are they any good, and how does it all work anyway?


  • News: Switch update, PS4/XB1 update, Prime Vault, DE Podcast
  • Discussion: Clans & Dojos – how does Warframe compare to other games? Do we like what’s on offer?
  • Beginner topic: Building a Dojo from Scratch
  • Advanced topic (bonus): Advanced Clan building
  • Advanced topic: Secondary Passives

Episode Notes:

Fortuna update for Switch has been sent to cert!

Profit-Taker update now out on the Xboxes and PS4s…

Prime Vault is open – including the Switch for the first time!

Mixer has Warframe stickers! I don’t know what that means.


Devstream 123 delayed

DE now has their own podcast

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