Episode 30 – Devstream 123

Well, we finally made it – the big 30. It’s a pretty big milestone for us, but just another along the road to infinity! Thanks for coming on this journey with us and we hope to have you along with us for many more episodes to come.

Soppy stuff over with, let’s get into it! This week saw Devstream 123 finally being streamed, and DE certainly made up for the delay by showing off a lot more than many likely would have expected. Very much worth checking out, or at the very least – listen to what we’ve got to say about it!


  • News: there’s a lot this week, DE podcast, Valentine’s events, new music, updates – it’s all here this week!
  • Discussion: Devstream 123,  of course, and it’s an awesome one this week!
  • Beginner topic: Resource farming
  • Advanced topic: Advanced Stealth tactics

Episode Notes:

New Podcast from DE:

Order merch from Warframe Store before Feb 14 to get a Valentine’s card from the Grineer Queens:

Some new music coming to Warframe…

Fortuna is now available on the Switch!

Surprise! Profit Taker update 2 coming to XB1 and PS4 tomorrow (Mon 11 Feb)!

Heart of the Ordis is back for 2019:

Hildryn in action

Gas City remaster:

Wisp reveal:

Railjack hangar:

6th Anniversary details:

Lift Together cover by Freya:

Devstream 123 in full:

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