Episode 31 – War on Grineer & Alerts

Well, we expected this week to be kind of quiet, except for the 6th Anniversary Alert that we were already aware of, but in true DE fashion, we were surprised by a bunch of surprising surprises. As expected, this led to some interesting discussions!


  • News: roadmap update, cryptic tweets, fanart competitions, minimum spec changes and War on Grineer
  • Discussion: War on Grineer and the potential for changes to the Alert system, with specific reference to one Nora Night…
  • Community Guest Star: Wrathoc!
  • Beginner topic: The Index
  • Advanced topic: Stealth, part 2

Episode Notes:

Fortuna surprise update has hit XB1 and PS4 along with new Tennogen

Steve Sinclair shared some quick little updates on the Melee animation, sounds like the initial melee update is very close

Roadmap update!

Cryptic tweet…

Forfansbyfans has a t-shirt fan art competition!

PC minimum specs are changing – best to check to see if your toaster will still play warframe…

Venetian Carnivale competition – create a mask for the competition, and it may end up in Nakak’s shop in game!

The War on Grineer has begun!

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