Episode 32 – Melee & Alerts Update

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Episode 32 marks the first episode on our second half century of episodes (i.e., this is episode51 out of all episodes)! As an awesome surprise, DE released notes on the forthcoming changes to both Melee and the Alerts system, AND they followed this up with an impromptu stream! It was super effective. Definitely worth checking this one out, as it’s full of great info on upcoming systems.


  • Devstream in March, shadows coming to PoE, Melee/Alert updates, War on Corpus is out, and Fortuna Pt2 coming soon to Switch
  • Discussion: Melee & Alerts updates! We talk in depth about the stuff shown off on the stream
  • Beginner topic: Warframe lingo
  • Advanced topic: Rift tactics (for playing with a Limbo user)

Episode Notes:

Devstream coming March 1

Steve showed off new sun shadows and some PoE updates

Melee notes released

Alert notes released

War on Corpus weekend is live!

Fortuna Pt2 in cert for Switch!!?

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