Fortuna Part 2 in Cert for Nintendo Switch

Note: This update has passed cert and is now available on Switch!

Extremely unexpected, and hot on the heels of the last update for Nintendo Switch, Digital Extremes announced that the ProfitTaker update  (aka Fortuna Part 2) has been submitted to cert for Nintendo Switch as of Friday 22 February! As a result, we should expect this to hit sometime in the last week of Feb, all going well.

Looks like all of the consoles will be in sync with updates soon, as DE promised towards the end of 2018! Exciting for Switch players, although they have had little time to really dig into Fortuna so far…


What's coming with this update?

  • Per the previous console update post, the following is coming as part of the Profit Taker update:
    • Most importantly – Orb Heists! These are part mission-based, part boss battle, but it’s great to get some new “end game” content within Warframe – to get started, you need to be at Old Mate rank with the Solaris, and head into the backroom in Fortuna…
    • New mods! Part of this update will add the new Helminth Strain set, and a bunch of new Archwing mods, all of which will drop from the Profit-Taker Orb Mother battle (among other things). There will also be a bunch of new K-Drive mods added, which can be acquired from the Ventkids.
    • Little Duck’s standing will change – adding 5 new ranks! As a result, there will be a whole bunch of new Operator items: amps, amp arcanes, and Operator arcanes!
    • Three new floofs to hunt for conservation! You didn’t think we’d overlook this little nugget of info, did you? (Check out our conservation guide here!)
    • New warframe: Baruuk! The pacifist monkframe is joining the fray!
    • New weapons, armour, skins and more!
    • New Operator hairstyles – this has been a long time coming… the existing options were… limited.
    • New Operator outfits
    • ‘Atmosphere’ Archgun weapons – yes, Archguns will now be equippable on the ground, boosting your firepower! You’ll need to install a “Gravimag” on your Archwing (these drop from the Orb Mother battle) and use an Archgun Deployer item to deploy, and yes, there is a cooldown between uses, so you can’t just go hog-wild on it… 
    • The Nyx and Titania changes are coming – read about them here!
    • New Warframe Augments – check out our recent post for more info!
  • As this is specific just to the Nintendo Switch, there are a few other fixes and updates to expect:
    •  Bug fixes!
    • Tennogen Launch! The following three bundles will release along with this update (for sale in the Market for Platinum – note that discount coupons do not apply to Tennogen):
      • TENNOGEN SWITCH BUNDLE I (Nova Visage Skin, Mirage Morgaine Skin, Trinity Knightess Skin, Ember Graxx Skin, Saryn Graxx Skin)
      • TENNOGEN SWITCH BUNDLE II (Volt Zener Skin, Wukong Auman Skin, Loki Incubus Skin, Excalibur Apex Skin, Rhino Mastodon Skin, Harrow Graxx Skin)
      • TENNOGEN SWITCH BUNDLE III (Naru Syandana, Mithra Heavy Blade Skin, Rhino Teutonic Helmet, Loki Ersatz Helmet, Loki Rogue Helmet, Mesa Falcon Helmet, Nova Tachyon Helmet, Wukong Xingzhe Helmet)

More detail?

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