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Just last week, we discussed the enigmatic Nora Night, and what she may mean for the future of Warframe. Now, only a week later, and hot on the heels of details on the upcoming updates to the Melee system, Digital Extremes has begun to outline their plans for the future of Alerts…

What is Nightwave?

Put simply, Nightwave is the name of the new system that will replace the current Alerts. At present, Alerts are random, time-limited missions that are – for the most part – not really worth the reward (unless, of course, it’s a Nitain Alert). Sure, there are plenty of rewards that may be of interest to newer players, but even still, the desire for Alert rewards does tend to fade over time, as alternative goals take their place.

Nightwave looks to change that. On the one hand, the new missions will be story-based, and although still time limited, they will stay in place for a much longer period of time. In fact, each Nightwave is a series of stories centered around a singular topic – the first of which being the Wolf of Saturn Six, which, if previous Devstreams are to be believed, is slated to last for 8 weeks. These will narrated (“supported” is possibly a better term, until we have more information) by the pirate radio operator Nora Night via the on-ship radio.

While the stories that make up the Nightwave will be mission-based, the reward system will be slightly decoupled from the missions themselves. The missions WILL provide rewards (which were hinted at as potentially being new cosmetic rewards, but these may end up being Nightwave Standing rewards), but the process to obtain items previously rewarded via Alerts will be via a new storefront for the Nightwave faction.

Leveling up with the Nightwave faction will provide special credits that can be used within this storefront – for the Wolf of Saturn Six, it is expected that these will be referred to as “Wolf Creds”. These credits will only apply while the Nightwave is active, and will revert to normal credits when the Nightwave expires. During this time, the Nightwave storefront will include a series of rotating rewards – these will include most of what was on offer in Alerts previously (Vauban blueprints, weapon blueprints, alternate helmets, aura mods, Orokin Ractors/Catalysts, and of course, Nitain Extract, which will be available in a bundle of 5), and may also include some new items. These will remain in the store for a much longer period, allowing players with limited time far more access to actually purchase what they may be interested in. Check out a mock-up of this system below:

nightwave rewards mockup

Of course, the Alert system was a way that DE could notify players of other events that will not be carried over to Nightwave. This includes:

  • Arbitrations
  • Void Trader
  • Maroo’s Bazaar – Ayatan Treasure Hunt
  • Larunda Relay – Help Clem
  • Tactical Alerts
  • Devstream Gift of the Lotus Alerts

All of these will remain in the Alerts Tab in the World State window, although it is possible that the name of this Tab may change (not confirmed at this stage). Nightmare missions will still be available where they have been unlocked, but they will no longer show within the Alerts Tab.

Overall, I find these plans very exciting – a new lore-based system providing impetus to play more daily/weekly events for specific resources. Plus, Nora Night is a fun new character that I look forward to hearing more from. In fact, I expect to see a number of new characters as a result of this system, and that excites me greatly.

There are plenty of questions that remain unanswered, however – how many missions will we need to do in order to “purchase” a Nitain Extract bundle? What will these missions look like? What happens to the missions once you’ve played through the whole Nightwave story? Of course, this is only an initial announcement, so we will likely hear more on this in the weeks to come, but regardless, I don’t think these changes are too far away – we may only have weeks to wait before these are live…

More Detail?

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