Nightwave Now Available on ALL Platforms

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We only just posted the initial notes on Nightwave, and Digital Extremes goes one step further and releases it today… on ALL platforms (this is a notable first time that a new update has gone live simultaneously on all platforms). So jump on your platform of choice and download the update waiting for you! Trust us – it’s worth it.

So.... What is Nightwave?

As discussed previously, Nightwave is the new pirate radio series hosted by the enigmatic Nora Night. This plays out as Stories told via the radio and played out in “Acts”, which are essentially challenges. Completing these challenges awards players with Nightwave Standing – ranking up with the Nightwave faction provides rewards and credits.

The first series, slated to last around 10 weeks,  is the Wolf of Saturn Six. Leveling within this Series will reward a number of fantastic rewards, as well as Wolf Creds, which can be used in the Nightwave store.  Nightwave is accessed by a button on the menu screen, and provides access to an “Acts” and “Cred Offerings” screen.

The “Acts” screen (above) essentially displays the daily/weekly rewards (completing each of which rewards players with Nightwave standing) as well as the rewards for leveling up within the Nightwave faction. This essentially works in a similar way to Battle Passes in other titles, with rewards offered in exchange for more (daily) engagement.

The “Cred Offerings” screen (below) displays the current rewards available for purchase via the current Nightwave Creds.  These Creds are offered at various standing levels (you can see in the image above they are offered at Rank 3 and 6), so there should be plenty of chances to purchase specific items, but it will take a lot of grinding to try to buy everything on offer.  Still – that’s not really necessary, as the rewards will cycle from week to week, so even if you miss them in the first week, they will be back again at a later date…

While below shows the alternate helmet offerings, there are other tabs for thre tbs in total – all, cosmetics, mods, and misc.

This brings a welcome new grind and some seriously good rewards. Not only do we have the same old Alert rewards – aura mods, alt helmets, Orokin Catalysts/Reactors, Nitain Extract, and so on – the Nightwave standing tiers also provide a bunch of NEW rewards – from new weapon augments, to a new armour set, 20,000 Kuva, Arcane Energize, Wolf Creds (of course), emotes, and – most surprisingly – a brand new kind of Forma, Umbra Forma (which allows Umbra polarities on weapons and warframes). Check it out below.

Alongside all this? There’s a new boss as well, who shows up randomly not unlike the Stalker. He drops the same mods as the Stalker, but I have a good feeling he also has some fun new weaponry (likely with painfully rare drop rates). 

If you’re still on the fenace as to whether or not this new Alert system is worthwhile, let us inform you – it is. Out now on all platforms, you should be excited to jump back into Warframe.

And for Nintendo Switch players? Today marks an even better update. Not only do you get the Nightwave update, but it comes alongside the Profit Taker update, which we previewed last week… Exciting times, indeed! 

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