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Ember. Her name sparks fear into her enemies. At least it used to – before a recent rework, Ember’s Abilities were quite overpowered, making her a great choice for anytime you wanted everything dead without having to do anything directly. She’s still more than a fading spark, though, there’s plenty of fire left in her, and in the right hands, Ember can be a solid addition to most teams.

Note: Ember is fairly easily farmed from General Sargus Ruk on Saturn. Easy once you figure out how to take him down quickly, that is.


Ember’s first Ability is exactly as you’d expect from a fire mage – a fireball. On cast, she fires a ball of fire (duh) at her enemy. Not only does this cause Heat Damage on impact, but it also has a 100% Heat Status Chance. In addition, it causes minimal Heat Damage within a 5m radius, which also carries a 50% Heat Status Chance. This also leaves fire on the ground around the target, which lasts for 10 seconds and deals 20% of the initial Damage on cast.

Keep in mind that this Ability can be charged by holding before casting, which will double the Damage on full charge. It’s also handily a one-handed Ability.

Note that this Ability can only be affected by Ability Strength mods (and Efficiency, of course, but that generally goes without saying).

ember fireball


Ember’s body odour is STRONG. On casting, she releases a wave of Accelerant, stunning enemies in the area. These enemies will then be primed to reduce their resistance to Heat Damage by up to 250% (base at max). This will also increase Ember’s casting speed by 50%, so she can hit more dudes with fireballs.

Accelerant is affected by Strength, Range, and Duration mods.

ember accelerant

Fire Blast

Don’t make Ember angry. She has trouble containing her fiery rage. On casting Fire Blast, Ember smashes the ground sending a wave of fire outwards in all directions, pushing enemies back and causing Heat Damage with 100% Status Chance. It also results in a wall of fire which lasts for 20 seconds (base at max), keeping enemies at bay. Shooting through the fire wall adds 50% Heat Damage to all projectiles – for both Ember and her allies.

You can cast Fire Blast multiple times, and it is affected by Strength and Range mods (although this only affects the initial range).

ember fire blast

World on Fire

Another “smash the ground” Ability, but this one has a much larger, ongoing effect. On casting, this causes another blast of Heat Damage within the immediate radius around Ember, and then results in a barrage of fireballs that surround Ember within a 15m radius (base at max). These cause Heat Damage with up to 35% Status Chance, which can be increased by Strength mods.

Once the Ability has been active for 6 seconds, it begins to overheat. This increases the Energy cost and the Damage (both by double) and reduces the Range by half.

World on Fire is affected by Strength, Duration, and Range mods.

ember world on fire


Ember’s Passive, Ignition, fuels her fire when she takes Heat Damage. This gives her a 35% boost to Ability Strength, and gives her 10 Energy for every second she is on fire (should she proc a Heat Status effect), but this component of the passive does not function while World on Fire is active… Note that self-damage can proc this passive.


ember stats
ember prime stats

Ember Prime was first released way back in 2013, and as one of the original Primes, her stats aren’t overly different from the standard variant. She has slightly higher Armor (125 vs 100) and higher Shields (375 vs 300). Strangely, instead of having additional polarised slots, she has differently polarised slots to her standard variant. Sadly, the new polarities aren’t as ideal as her standard model, so some Forma is required to re-obtain the dash polarities…

Ember was once a popular nuke frame, able to clear maps simply by use of World on Fire. While she can still destroy a bunch of enemies in her immediate area, she does now require a bit more attention, and more of her other Abilities have become useful as a result. However, the loss of her “killqueen” status has seen her popularity drop drastically. Perhaps we’ll see another rework in future?

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