Warframe 101 – Inaros

Inaros is a name that most players of the game will tell you is synonymous with “unkillable”. Rising from the sands in Update 18.5 in March of 2016, he quickly became a mainstay as a solo frame without so much as a rework or design pass. Inaros was something that the game had never seen before – a frame with no shields and a truck-load of health; a true tank whose abilities synchronised with his health pool, drew from and built on it, and had some of the best crowd control to boot. Inaros is a unique combination of aggro, crowd control, and tank, making him potent in any situation. Modded properly, he’s completely unstoppable.

Inaros is not a complicated frame, and with a little practice, anyone can turn the world to sand with his deadly set of Abilities.

Note: Inaros’ blueprints and parts come from the Sands of Inaros Questline, which can be obtained from Baro Ki’teer.


This Ability is lovingly referred to as ‘pocket sand,’ for obvious reasons. Inaros flings a wave of cursed sand at enemies, stunning all enemies in Range of the Ability and blinding those facing Inaros. Blinded enemies are opened to Melee Finishers, and stunned for a short Duration. Desiccation does an inital burst of Damage, and initiates a Damage Over Time effect; this DoT is converted into Inaros’ health pool at a rate of 25% while the ability is active. Desiccation can be recast while ‘In Use,’ allowing Inaros to stun and blind large groups of enemies before they even notice his presence, making the clearing of rooms a simple matter for the proverbial Dale Gribble.

inaros dessication


Inaros traps a target in quicksand and on holding the Ability will draw them in and begin dealing ramped-up Damage over time, restoring his own Health and making him immune to Damage and Status effects (referred to below as ‘consuming’). Teammates can also interact with a target affected by Devour, making them immune to Damage and consuming the target while the interact key is held. Once a targeted enemy’s health has been depleted while Inaros (not a teammate) is consuming them, a Sand Shadow is summoned. 

The Sand Shadow is a clone of the enemy targeted killed by Devour, and will actively fight other enemies for as long as it took to fully consume the target or a minimum of 15 seconds, creating a helpful distraction while Inaros picks out his next target. 

Devour does Damage over time, which ramps up over a couple seconds when a target is being consumed. This Ability’s lockdown is useful for neutralising powerful or hardy enemies such as the Bursa, Ancient Healer, or Bombard to remove them from the field for a short time, allowing your teammates extra time to clear other mobs or run through the stage.

inaros devour


Inaros takes control of the sands to become a whirlwind, lifting targets off the ground and dealing Damage over time. Inaros is resistant to Damage in this state, but unable to use other Abilities or weapons. Sandstorm is a channelled Ability, costing Energy over time while in use. Enemies affected by Devour and caught in Sandstorm will restore Inaros’ Health as if he were consuming them, and create Sand Shadows if they are killed while still affected by Devour. 

Sandstorm will pull in nearby item drops like energy orbs and ammo, allowing Inaros to replenish his Energy and Health while channelling this Ability. Enemies caught in Sandstorm are affected by Slash Damage over time, and will be flung away from the Sandstorm.

inaros sandstorm

Scarab Armor

When this ability is held, Inaros stands stationary and converts his Health into Scarab Armor at a set rate not affected by Warframe Mods. This effect will stop when Scarab Armor reaches 100% or Inaros only has 2 hit points left. This Ability creates bonus Armor for Inaros, increasing his base Armor by up to 100% (doubling it) and making him further resistant to Damage while the Ability is active. 

Tapping the Ability again while targeting an enemy will release the Scarab Swarm, sending out a projectile which consumes 25% of Scarab Armor’s charge, reducing Inaros’ bonus Armor, and causing the targeted enemy to be partially staggered. While in flight, the swarm projectile has a small area of effect that infests enemies in its path with the effects of the Scarab Swarm. Enemies infested by the swarm projectile take Corrosive Damage over time, and this Damage is converted into Health for Inaros and his squad in an area of effect. Enemies affected by the swarm also have a small aura in which their infestation can spread to other enemies, creating additional areas of healing for Inaros.

inaros scarab storm


When his Health hits zero, Inaros is sealed in an upright sarcophagus rather than the standard bleedout animation, and can siphon Health from enemies (and allies) in order to fill his respawn meter. Once this meter is full, Inaros can respawn and continue fighting. The siphoning beam from this ability pulls enemy towards Inaros much like Devour, and can be dispelled by Nullifier Crewmen, or Scrambus-type enemies with ability neutralising effects. 

Inaros can still be revived by teammates in this state, but does not need to be. As an additional note, Inaros’ Health can be restored by 20% for performing melee finishers on enemies, this can be especially helpful when Inaros has just finished charging his Scarab Armor and needs to gain Health back.

inaros stats

Inaros is a solo player’s dream frame, with a kit that focuses on single-target lockdown all the way up to massive crowd control and Damage over time, which feeds back into Inaros’ large Health pool and increases his resistance to incoming Damage. 

Inaros has all the tools he needs to be an excellent addition to any roster, with a bonus passive that lets him revive himself without help from allies. Inaros joins the ranks of Warframes such as Rhino and Nezha as versatile tank classes, with a dash of crowd control and Damage mitigation akin to Oberon or Octavia. If there’s a problem that Inaros can’t solve by throwing sand at it, he hasn’t found it yet.

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