Warframe 101 – Ivara

Referred to in-game as a “Huntress,” Ivara is a stealth powerhouse with specialized tools for many of the Origin System’s stickiest situations. Ivara’s kit is versatile, making her a widely useful frame from endless Interceptions to Orb Vallis Conservation missions, and even finding a place in the most complex of Spy Vaults and Eidolon Hunts. Ivara’s augments only serve to make her abilities even more potent, making her nigh undetectable in Prowl, and helping to free many an opponent from life. Ivara was released in December of 2015 alongside The Second Dream cinematic quest and the introduction of the Lua tileset. Her visual design is said to have been based on tree frogs, which is evident from the colour palette of her base appearance, and the floppiness of her hood.

Note: Ivara’s component blueprints are obtained from spy vaults across the system.


Tapping this Ability cycles through a set of four arrow types, while holding down the Ability will unleash the power of the selected arrow. The arrows have a short draw time, and unlike normal arrows cannot be held indefinitely while you pick out a victim.

  • Cloak – The Cloak Arrow places a field in which Ivara and her allies are invisible and silenced, allowing for quick mitigation of aggro and damage.
  • Dashwire – The Dashwire Arrow strings a line of energy between where Ivara is standing and where the arrow strikes, allowing for quick traversal over large spaces
  • Noise – The Noise Arrow strikes a surface and emits a loud sound, catching the attention of unaware enemies in the area, opening them up to ambush.
  • Sleep – The Sleep Arrow emits a field that causes enemies caught within it to fall asleep on their feet, making them easy targets for the savvy hunter.
ivara quiver


This Ability allows control the next or last released projectile, and takes the player into a third-person view of that projectile as you guide its flight to the target. The longer Ivara controls the projectile, the more damage it will do. Projectiles with sufficient Punch Through can be Navigated through multiple targets for massive Damage. Navigator consumes energy over time.

ivara navigator


Ivara becomes invisible and slows to walking speed, engaging a small Area of Effect that allows her to pick the pockets of her enemies without being spotted. Prowl can be broken by using any non-silent weapon or sliding along the ground or bullet jumping – as well as by hitting the Ability key a second time. While invisible, Ivara cannot be detected by enemies or cameras but can be detected by Corpus lasers and Grineer energy fields. Rolling and jumping can be used to hasten movement, but holding the crouch button a touch too long will break Ivara out of Prowl. This ability consumes energy slowly over time.

ivara prowl

Artemis Bow

Ivara summons her exalted weapon, the Artemis Bow; a multi-shot bow that uses a fan of arrows to shred its targets. The shape of the arrow volley can be changed by holding down the firing key, it starts as a vertical spread and changes to a horizontal spread. While using the Artemis Bow Ivara is able to deploy her Quiver arrows in a wider Area of Effect via the alt-fire button. The Artemis Bow arrows can be controlled by Navigator, but only one will randomly be selected for Ivara to control. Each arrow released by the Artemis bow has a high crit chance, and the bow can be separately modded in the arsenal using Primary and Bow mods.

ivara artemis bow


Ivara has a built-in radar that detects enemies in a small area and displays them on the player’s mini-map. This passive ability (“Sentry”) stacks with enemy radar mods.

ivara stats

Ivara is a uniquely powerful and useful Warframe, with a very satisfying grind that pays off with one of the best playable Ability sets in the game that will see you well into high-level content, as well as finding niche uses as new content becomes available. Ivara is a must-have for floof collectors and power gamers alike, as well as anyone who just appreciates a good frog. She’ll steal your heart, and probably your ammo too.

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