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Nyx, built on psychic energies, wreaks havoc and chaos across the battlefield by turning her foes against one another in a grand spectacle of pointless bloodshed. In Update 22.4, we saw a rework for Nyx in an attempt to re-inspire interest in using her psychic crowd-controlling prowess. In this Warframe 101, we will look at the revisited kit for the Commander of the battlefield, Nyx.

Mind Control

The first Ability Nyx is blessed with is generic to psychic characters – the ability to influence someone’s mind and force them into your service. Though this ability can only be cast on a single enemy, it is an excellent start to turning enemies against themselves. Mind Control can be cast on an enemy up to 60 metres away at max level which also includes a 30-second duration, enabling stealthy manoeuvres against nearby foes, dealing a confusing blow. As a bonus, there is a 4-second window where using any weapons on hand to strike your new minion will boost its combat prowess, essentially creating a super soldier variant. It should also be noted that an enemy with a special ability or aura will in fact use this power to assist you and your allies. As a final note, any damage pumped into the enemy at the start of the mind control is then applied once mind control comes to an end, tying up any loose ends.

nyx mind control

Psychic Bolts

Harnessing the mind’s energy into physical manifestations which are then hurled at your foes, Nyx’s second Ability is a debuff with a different effect depending on the enemy faction struck by these mind projectiles. Grineer soldiers hit by this power can have their Armor stripped by 80%, where as a Corpus proxy will have its Shields reduced by 80%. Since the Infested scourge have no Armor or Shields, they instead have their movement speed reduced by up to 80% and any ancients afflicted lose their aura. This skill cannot be recast until all affected enemies are deceased or the duration ends. So regardless of the enemy you face, Nyx will have the tactical advantage and can adjust to her adversaries weaknesses.

nyx psychic bolts


Chaos is the name and chaos is the game. Using her psychic power to project her own image onto every enemy within 25 metres, Nyx controls the battlefield with panic. This power will trick enemies into seeing Nyx as everyone and everyone as Nyx, making once brothers in arms take up their arms against their once brothers. Enemies cloaked in Nyx’s image will attack the closest Nyx to their position, meaning you could simply stroll on by watching the enemy tear itself apart – or add to the confusion and join in the battle royale that you started.

nyx chaos


The power of the mind is often increased through meditation and that’s no different for the psychic Commander. The only difference is that when Nyx meditates, her mind’s power becomes a visual rotation of energy that swirls around her entire body, collecting any damage directed towards her, which is stored away for future use. While in this state, Nyx becomes invulnerable and all damage done to her is nullified; however, the enemy’s attempts at destroying her don’t go unnoticed, as Nyx will absorb and cultivate 10% of all incoming damage to then turn into an explosion once Absorb is ended. Originally, all damage stored was turned into Magnetic power; however, with the changes made to Nyx, any Damage absorbed is then infused into the Damage output of the explosion. So if Heat Damage is absorbed, Heat Damage will be expelled. Allies of Nyx may also contribute to the Damage by also attacking the meditating nuke.

UPDATE: As of February 2019, Absorb now also has an explosion Range that scales with absorbed Damage, which can increase the explosion radius up to 75m! In addition, after this explosion, Nyx also receives a temporary buff to Damage output. This also scales with absorbed Damage – up to an increase of 400%!

nyx absorb


Due to being of such a powerful psyche, Nyx has developed a passive (called “Evasion”) that makes it harder for enemies to accurately shoot her.


nyx stats
nyx prime stats

September 2014 saw the grand Commander receive her Prime variant, and along with it she became the very first Prime to have two stat enhancements. They were to both Armor and sprint speed – Armor increased from 15 to 50, and sprint speed from 1.1 to 1.12. When Update 17.0 launched, we saw an additional increase to Nyx Prime’s stats over the normal variant and this was to her Shields. The increase was from 100 to 125 – more survivability is always welcome when on a chaotic battlefield.

Adaptable, strategic, and cunning are all words I would use to describe the psychic Commander and if you like being the one who controls the battlefield, then Nyx is for you. Watch on as your enemies bend to your will and destroy themselves, such is the power of a well-polished mind.

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