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Coming from Destiny, I never felt clans were of any importance. Sure, it was good to be part of a group of like-minded friends, and to have access to who was online etc., but there didn’t seem to be a great deal of benefit from being in a clan.

Warframe is different. Sure, you’re a bunch of like-minded folk, and you can see who is online (and have access to a Clan-only chat, to send the odd message here and there), but here, Clans have access to their own Dojo, which is basically a Clan-only social space. A lot of it is wasted space, but importantly, there is a spot for trading, and there are research labs. Trading is straight-forward – you can trade whatever in your own Dojo, with credit taxes going back into the Clan, but research is the important part.

In a similar vein to Syndicates, research labs contain certain items that are specific to that research lab. This includes weapons, archwings, and even warframes. Some of these items are highly sought after, so the Clan needs to work together to come up with the resources required to complete the research. Once this is done, any Clan member can purchase whatever blueprint they want using credits. Many Clantech weapons are amazingly fun to use, so I’d recommend joining a Clan that has done a lot (if not all) of the research that is available to them. On the other hand, it’s also fun and rewarding to help supply the resources towards completing research.

Lastly, as Clans level up, all members can be awarded bonuses – recently, my Clan increased in level and we were all awarded 8000 endo each. Definitely nothing to complain about.

Note that while it can be fun to create your own Clan, it’s a lot of trouble for no major benefit to yourself. It will cost you a lot in terms of time and effort, so I’d recommend searching for a Clan to join and avoiding the headaches!

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