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Late Game Missions – Sorties, Kuva Fortress, and Sanctuary Onslaught

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As you progress through the quests, you’ll gain access to certain mission types. Unlocking all nodes on a planet, for example, will unlock Dark Sectors and Nightmare Mode missions. Completing The War Within quest (which effectively marks the “end” of the main Warframe story arc, with all other quests being sidequests providing supplementary story, although The Chains of Harrow quest is a slightly indirect continuation of this main storyline) unlocks access to a number of different mission types – Sorties, Kuva Fortress, and prior to November 2017, Trials.

Sorties represent your daily endgame content. Every day, there is a series of missions of increasing difficulty, which must be completed in a certain order, and with specific conditions. Generally, the first contains enemies of enemy level 50-60, the second at enemy level 60-80, and the third at enemy level 80-100. Conditions could be weapon restrictions (such as Sniper Rifle or Melee only), enemy augments (increased armour or resistance to status effects), or environmental effects (dense fog). Completing all three will award players with one potentially great reward (Riven mod or Legendary Core), or a lesser, but still equally rare item (Orokin Catalyst/Reactor, 4000 endo, 6000 Kuva, 3-day booster, etc.). These can be soloed but are best played in groups, and they are occasionally susceptible to bugs, rendering them almost impossible to complete for that day…

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The Kuva Fortress is a high-level location that moves around the Star Chart. It has an effect on nearby planets, turning certain missions into Kuva Siphon (or Kuva Flood) missions – essentially there is an additional objective added, which, if completed, will award the player with Kuva. What is Kuva? Glad you asked! It’s another endgame resource, usually restricted to blueprints for high-level gear, but it is also used to re-roll Riven mods awarded from Sorties. You’ll basically farm these missions whenever you want Kuva, but in my opinion, they add a fun new twist to the existing mission structure. In addition, DE recently added a Kuva Survival mode – this is mostly the same as the Survival endless mission type, but with Kuva as an added reward. This makes Kuva Survivals (or “Kuvivals” as I like to call them) the preferred method for affinity grinding – unless you also require a specific resource.

Lastly, but sadly no longer available, is Trials. Trials were basically Warframe’s raids. Much like Sorties, they were split across multiple missions (so you don’t need to finish the whole thing in one sitting – at least that’s my understanding), but unlike Sorties, you needed to craft a key in your Foundry in order to access them. Trials were recently removed from Warframe, as Digital Extremes was not satisfied with both player engagement, and with the systems involved. I understand they aim to rework and redevelop Trials, so I hope to see them come back, as it is content I was looking forward to completing.

As a final mid-to-end game piece of content, I should mention Sanctuary Onslaught. These missions were added with an update in mid-2018, and are made up of what could be considered a wave-based horde mode. The further players get within Sanctuary Onslaught, the better rewards that are available – including the warframe Khora. There is also a more difficult version – Elite Sanctuary Onslaught – which rewards refined relics, and components of the Lato Vandal secondary weapon.

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