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Fortuna & The Orb Vallis

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Fortuna, much like The Plains of Eidolon, is an open-world area that is not necessarily worthwhile for newer players, but you should definitely check out towards the mid game. Added very recently in November 2017 on PC (coming soon to consoles), Fortuna and The Orb Vallis provides a number of new avenues to acquire new goodies – and tackle new challenges.

Perhaps the most exciting this about Fortuna is the addition of K-Drives, giving players a new radical hoverboard on which they can traverse the open lands performing some impressive tricks along the way, Tony Hawk style. These can also be used on the Plains of Eidolon (or alternatively you can use the Archwing in Orb Vallis), so it’s definitely worth getting your hands on.

More new stuff? Moa companions! These are essentially Corpus Moa enemies but made friendly to support their neighbourhood Tenno. These are modular, so part of the grind in Fortuna is to build yourself a Moa to your own specifications – and it’s completely worthwhile, even if only for the Mastery. In a similar vein, players can now build Kitguns, which are effectively the same as Zaws, but for Corpus-themed secondaries (i.e., Energy weapons) – and they are very much worth grinding for.

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Mining and fishing is back in the Orb Vallis, but this time with a minor twist – fishing, for example, requires an EMP blast to disable the target in order to catch it. It’s a simple change, but an effective one. On top of these already enjoyable activities, Digital Extremes has also added an animal conservation mode – where you hunt and tranquilise little critters. Not only is it an insane amount of fun hunting these little guys down, but you can earn cute and cuddly little “Floofs” for your Orbiter. Totally worth it.

Lastly, we have the Orb Mothers. These are the giant spiders that can be found in the environment and act as the bosses for the region, much like the Eidolons on the Plains. In a similar fashion to the Eidolons on the Plains, you can farm these for rare mod drops or for standing to unlock additional items for late-game play – essentially things that make taking down the Eidolons and Orb Mothers easier!

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