Warframe Mid-Game Guide

The Foundry – Crafting Weapons and Finding Resources


If you’re a few planets into the Star Chart (players that have gotten to Uranus or beyond can probably ignore this section and the next), and you’ve managed to come across a few blueprints, you’ve probably come to understand that certain items are not really available to players that haven’t played through much of the game. This is primarily because the resources required to build them are only available on planets deeper into the Star Chart. For this reason, your primary goal from the start of the game needs to be to unlock planets. The first thing you should do when you unlock a planet is to look at the shortest path to unlocking the junction node, then what the junction prerequisites are, and work towards them. You don’t want to be hamstrung by resources, so working your way through should be a priority. Of course, you can always make some high-level friends and get them to taxi you around the map…

The second issue you’ll come across is that certain items are Mastery locked – that is, you can’t even craft the item until you’ve reached a certain Mastery Rank. In reality, this isn’t hugely restrictive, as most warframes don’t have this restriction, and there are so many weapons available that the few locked behind Mastery can wait. But definitely keep this in mind.

When you are ready to start branching out and trying new things, the first place to look is the marketplace. When you first enter, notice there is a button that can be pressed to show “blueprints only”.

market blueprints only

Press that button.

Then enter the marketplace and have a browse. The info available in the market will show you a few things – initial stats, which will start to mean something as you progress, but most importantly, it will show resources required to build, and any Mastery lock that is in place. Find some easy to build weapons using the resources available to you, and build those. I’d recommend the Boltor to start (you’ll actually get this blueprint from an early Junction) or the Hek, if you’re at least MR4, but there are so many good weapons that all feel different to play – it really depends on your playstyle. Try a bit of everything (but make sure you level everything all the way to 30, even if you don’t like a particular weapon – Mastery is important).

Keep a close eye on blueprints you have, particularly those that you don’t have resources for. Your Foundry will start to fill up very quickly, and things will get lost, so you need to keep your targets in mind, as the game won’t do it for you.
Lastly, when you are finally flush with credits, consider building an Extractor, which can be bought from the marketplace. They are crazy expensive to both buy and build, but once you do, you can deploy them at a planet and it will extract resources for you over time. Very useful. Note that you can only deploy Extractors on planets on which all nodes have been unlocked, and there is a limit to the number of Extractors that can be deployed (which is based on Mastery Rank).

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