Warframe Mid-Game Guide



You’ll need to bring something extra into battle with you for support, and there are a number of options here. Much like weapons, they all cater to different playstyles, but note that sentinels (basically flying drones) and Moas (new with Fortuna, these are robot pals) offer different functionality as compared with beast companions (Kubrows and Kavats). Of course, pretty much every companion that is available has a set of mods that apply to it, so regardless of what you take with you, you can build it into whatever you want it to be, in true Warframe fashion.

You will receive a blueprint for a Taxon sentinel early in game – this is very useful, and I’d recommend building it ASAP. Note that levelling them does go towards Mastery, so once fully levelled, it would pay to look at how you can acquire an alternative, even if you’re happy with what you’ve got.

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