Warframe Mid-Game Guide

Farming for Warframes and Rare Resources

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Chasing other weapons is one thing, of course, but if you’ve played for 25 hours with only one warframe, then you’re probably ITCHING to get your hands on a second. The good news is, this is relatively easy! The bad news? It involves a lot of grinding. This shouldn’t be a problem, because it’s likely you’ve realised by now that Warframe is a lot of doing the same thing over and over again – and just basically getting better at doing it.

Many blueprints for warframes drop from planetary bosses. Rhino parts drop from the Jackal at Fossa on Venus, for example. Rhino is a fairly essential frame with quite standard utility, so I would make him a priority, at least initially (he is a solid tank that can provide good DPS and can easily sail you through to endgame), but you can farm a new frame from the boss on each planet, so there are plenty of options. Excalibur is now available from War on Mars, and he’s definitely worth farming once you get there.

The probability of each part dropping is essentially 33% (it’s not specifically 33%, but I’m not going to go into detail on this – become friends with the wiki), so farming for Rhino, for example, simply means replaying Fossa over and over again until you have all three pieces (Systems, Chassis, and Neuroptics). you can then buy the main blueprint from the marketplace – for credits, of course.

Not all warframes can be farmed in this way – some are quest rewards. Some are random drops from specific modes (and farming these is THE WORST). Others drop from bosses that require keys that can only be crafted using resources that themselves are random drops with low probability. What this means is – some frames are easily come by. Others, not so much. Pick your battles.

Once you have a few warframe blueprints, though, you might start to notice some resources that you may not have yet. Argon Crystals, for example, or Nitain Extract – even Neural Sensors and Oxium. All of these are rare resources, and all will (at times) need to be farmed themselves. While Argon Crystals can only be found in the Void, they are randomly dispersed, and rarely come by (you might only find 2 per mission) – not to mention the fact they “decay” at a rate of half your inventory per day. Nitain Extract, to my knowledge, can generally only be obtained through Alerts.

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For this reason, it is important to – once again – become friends with the Wiki. When you need to know where to farm for something, the Wiki can tell you. It doesn’t make it any easier, but at least you know what you need to do. From there, you need to do two things – repeatedly farm for those resources until you have the amount you need, and secondly, keep an eye on Alerts. Often you can grab Nitain or Oxium, etc., as a reward for completing an Alert, so it’s best to check on them between missions and keep an eye on notifications. Of course, the other thing to keep in mind is that specific resources are available from specific planets – when looking at a planet in your Star Chart, there’s a button in the bottom righ that will show you the resources available for farming there.

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