Warframe Mid-Game Guide

Grinding and Power Levelling

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The grind is life. Not only will you need to grind for warframe blueprints and resources, as described above, but you’ll also need to grind for mods, and for affinity. I’ll go into mods a little more later, but suffice it to say that many mods can only drop from specific enemies or mission types, and the good ones have a low probability of dropping, so once you know what you need, you’ll have to actively go after it. I’ll say it again – if you don’t like grinding, Warframe is not for you.

Probably the most grinding you will do, though, will be to level weapons and warframes, and this is for various reasons. One – you need to get them to max level in order to have access to maximum mod capacity, naturally. Until they hit max level, they aren’t as powerful as they could be. Secondly, you may simply want the XP for your Mastery Rank – you might be chasing a weapon that is locked to MR8, for example, or you might just hate the weapon itself and want to free up the slot for something else (and, because you’re clever, you know to level it up fully before selling it off). A third reason is due to Forma, which is something I’ve not yet introduced.

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Forma is a resource that needs to be crafted, and it’s not so easily come by. Essentially what it does is it allows you to change (or add) a polarity for a mod slot on a specific device. You would do this in order to reduce the cost of a certain mod by half. Clearly this is a huge benefit, as it allows you to use more /better mods, but it comes at a cost – using Forma on a mod slot will reset the item to level 0, and you will need to level it again. If you wanted to, you could use Forma on all 8 slots, which means you’d need to level the item 8 times. Oh – it’s important to note that the XP is only applied to Mastery once, so applying Forma is all in the name of power. At the end of all this levelling, though, your weapon will be a powerhouse.

Most players will have a favourite mission that they will play over and over again, and usually, these will be an “endless” mission type, such as Survival, Defence, or Extraction. Once you start to reach higher power levels, you may come across random players grinding for as long as possible – sometimes hours in just the one mission. Keep in mind that certain mission types (Survival and Extraction, for example) do not currently allow players to extract individually, so it’s best to do these in private groups or solo if you don’t want to be trapped in a long mission (many players are sympathetic, but there are some meanies out there). Defence can be played in public groups, as you can extract when you choose. The good thing about this is – depending on the location – you can grind for affinity, resources, and mods, all at the same time.

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