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Prime Farming and Trading

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Thought that was all the farming you’d need to do? Well, you thought wrong! Void Fissures and Void Relics are a thing, and they are something you’d best keep in mind. Void Relics drop randomly from various missions and rewards, and contain blueprints for Prime parts. These can be Prime weapons or warframes, or Forma. Each relic contains 6 possible blueprints – 3 of which are common drops, 2 are uncommon, and 1 of which is rare. Players can use their Void Relic refinery console towards the back of their ship in order to refine relics using Void Traces (which are awarded on opening a relic, and from certain Alerts). Refining a relic increases the drop chance of uncommon and rare blueprints. Relics themselves come in four types – Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi – and these essentially refer to difficulty, Lith being easiest (Tier 1) and Axi being most difficult (Tier 4).

So basically, there are a whole bunch of parts that can be farmed from Void Relics, but they all come from different places, and there are different difficulties in terms of the missions required to open them. This means there are quite a lot of things to juggle, but realistically, early on you won’t have enough relics to make any concerted effort towards farming a specific item, so just play with what you’ve got. Parts for Paris Prime and Lex Prime are fairly easily come by early on (your mileage may vary), so chasing them would be my initial recommendation (and Lex Prime is arguably one of the best secondary weapons in the game, if it’s modded right). Then again, Lex Prime is now locked to Mastery Rank 8, so again, check the wiki.

Eventually, you’ll have amassed a number of relics – at this point, you can aim to collect all the pieces by farming specific relics. Playing with others is a must, though, as it increases your chances of getting a rare drop. At the end of each mission (or round within a mission), the rewards for all relics opened are available to all players that entered with a relic – but you can only choose one.

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Don’t be dismayed if you get a lot of the same pieces over and over – you can never have too many Forma blueprints, for example – and don’t sell any Prime parts for credit. Keep in mind two things: one, Prime pieces can be sold at any relay for Ducats – this is a Prime currency that can only be used with a trader called Baro Ki’Teer. He’s only active for 48 hours every two weeks, but his gear is among the best in the game. Keep a lot of pieces just for this purpose, as his stuff is also EXPENSIVE.

On the other hand, Prime parts can also be traded with other players. While you can trade Prime parts for other Prime parts (or mods, or what-not), most players trade for Platinum, the premium currency in Warframe, which can be used to purchase virtually anything outright, but many use to purchase cosmetic items, which generally aren’t available in any other way. Less rare items (like Paris Prime) don’t sell for much, but rare items can go for a pretty penny, so it’s important to keep sets of everything. The rarest Primes are those that are no longer on the loot table (which is referred to in-game as being “vaulted”), so if you hold onto something for long enough, and it is removed from the loot table, you’ll be able to score yourself a good amount of Platinum. Keep an eye on warframe.market for an idea of the current going rate for everything, as you won’t sell it if you overcharge, or you might not make as much as you could otherwise. On the other hand, you also don’t want to pay too much when you DO have Platinum to spend!

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