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I went into Mastery in some detail in my Beginner’s Guide, and I’ve touched on it in a few places here already, but I guess the reason I added this section is to touch on the opinion that Mastery is not something you necessarily need to worry about too much after about MR5. No quests or locations are Mastery locked. By MR5, you have unlocked Syndicates, Clans, and pretty much everything else of importance, so many suggest that MR doesn’t need to be a focus. But it should.

Increasing MR increases the amount of Void traces you can hold on to – essentially allowing you to refine more relics. It also increases the number of resource Extractors you can deploy, as well as the amount of Syndicate reputation you can earn per day. Every few levels, you will also unlock another loadout slot, enabling you to quickly change between preset warframe/weapon loadouts (eventually you will have a few go to’s). Most importantly, it increases the starting mod capacity of a new weapon (this will essentially equal your MR – so at MR10, you would now start every new weapon with 10 mod capacity, and with a Reactor/Catalyst installed  – 20 capacity).

Lastly, as you play the game more, there will be weapons you see that you know you just WANT, but you won’t be able to use until you hit a certain MR. Many players want the elusive Tigris Prime, only to discover that it is Mastery locked at MR13 (and has recently been vaulted)!

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