Weapon 101 – Caustacyst

The Caustacyst is effectively an Infected scythe, which strangely deals 0 IPS Damage, dealing only base Corrosive Damage. This, it turns out, is a very good thing, as the weapon can be built for a number of purposes – and the fact it has it’s own passive makes it even more of a solid choice of Melee weapon.

On using Charge attacks, the Caustacyst will shoot off a wave of sludge. This traves up to 20m and has inifinite Punchthrough – nothing’s gonna stop this wave. The sludge staggers and deals Corrosive Damage to all enemies hit by the wave (or who stand in the sludge trail that it leaves behind), making this an ideal weapon for Grineer engagements.

How to Acquire

Caustacyst is a Clantech weapon and can be obtained from the Bio Lab for a hefty 50,000 credits (hefty compared to other weapons) once the research has been performed. I do have to note, though, that the resource requirements for the Caustacyst are painful (10 Mutagen Mass and 5 Nitain, in paricular), but as you’ll note – it’s worth it. Keep in mind that Caustacyst has an MR7 requirement as well…

  • Credits
    Credits 30,000
  • Mutagen Mass
    Mutagen Mass 10
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 15,000
  • Plastids
    Plastids 400
  • Nitain Extract
    Nitain Extract 5


caustacyst stats

The Caustacyst has excellent base stats for a Melee weapon – not only is the base Damage very high for a Scythe, butitsalso has it’s own Elemental Damage type, in fact, it has one of the best. Corrosive is an amazing Damage type for its ability to reduce enemy Armor, so it is highly recommended for use against Grineer enemies. Thankfully, it also has an innate V polarity, so you can save on Damage mods drain right from the get-go. That said, you will need to look to do something to increase the attack speed.

Crit or Status?

Clearly, Caustacyst is a Status weapon, given its 30% base Status Chance. Given the innate Corrosive Damage, the build potential is enormous – you could build for any of the other Damage types, above and beyond Corrosive, to make the weapon equally effective against Corpus or Infested enemies, or even to simply make it deal more damage to Grineer – the choice is yours!

While the attack speed isn’t ideal, the overall Damage coupled with the inclusion of an Elemental Damage type makes this a winner. Throw in the stupidly awesome passive, and you have yourself a very effective Scythe. And did I mention the Riven Disposition is actually pretty good? Because it is…

Highly recommended… if you like Scythes.

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