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Thrown like a silent stream of glass through the air, the Tenno Fusilai are the signature throwing knives of glass master Gara. With two Firing Modes, these razor sharp knives will Slash through those before you as a continuous stream or as a wide spread. Boasting some of the highest base Status Chance stats of their class, these blades can be easily tailored to suit your taste.

How to Acquire

Fusilai will likely become available to you early-to-mid game. The Blueprint can be purchased in the Market for 20,000 Credits, or purchased pre-built for 190 Platinum. However, it has an MR7 lock on it, so you’ll need to have mastered a few things first. For the most part, the materials aren’t too bad. The worst part will likely be the pair of Nitain Extract you’ll have to grab from a couple of Alerts. By the time you reach MR7 you will probably already have reached Mars, your gating planet for the other materials.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Rubedo
    Rubedo 2,950
  • Salvage
    Salvage 10,000
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 1,350
  • Nitain Extract
    Nitain Extract 2

Stats by Variant

fusilai stats

You have a couple of options for play style with these glass knives as they have two Firing Modes that alter their stats when thrown. For its Primary Firing Mode, you’ll unleash a swarm of knives on Full Auto, dealing Slash and Puncture Damage. This makes it great against Health and Armor. Take note though, it will not do any Impact Damage, so it is not very effective against Shields. In this Firing Mode, it has a high Critical Chance and very high Status Chance – capable of reaching 100%  with the right mods – making this a very effective Silent Weapon. The Alternate Firing Mode is not as quiet.

In exchange for its Silence and nearly all of its Critical Chance, you may release a Horizontal Spread of three blades with the Semi-Auto Alternate Firing Mode. In return, you receive even higher base Status Chance, but be careful of the Multishot reduction. With three blades your Status Chance will be split between them until you reach 100%.

Coming out of the Foundry with a Madurai (V) Polarity, Fusilai is ready for a nice Damage mod. Given its high Riven Disposition, you may even find a really nice mod to make your set shine above the rest.

Crit or Status?

For Fusilai’s Primary Firing Mode, it benefits from both Critical and Status Chance builds. Being able to reach 100% Status Chance, it lends itself well to selecting build for Status over Crit. If its Alternate Firing Mode is your preferred play style, you’ll definitely want to build for Status Chance. Additionally, with its bias toward Slash Damage, it is a great candidate for the Health halving Viral Proc combo.

If throwing weapons are your style, Fusilai are definitely worth a try. It ranks near the top of its class for Status and Critical Chance, so it’s primed for tuning to your tastes. Remember to keep in mind its stat change between Firing Modes and you will have a versatile sidearm at your disposal.

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