Weapon 101 – Kohm

The Kohm is a Grineer Shotgun that – if I’m honest – is just too awesome and clever to be a weapon of Grineer origin. While it is a Shotgun, and technically an automatic shotgun at that, it has an auto-spool mechanic, which increases its Damage output by essentially adding Multishot with every succeeding round fired (the first shot will fire a single pellet, and each subsequent shot will fire an additional pellet up to a maximum of 12 pellets). While this doesn’t work like Multishot (i.e., it does take this additional firepower from the magazine), the huge mag and ammo capacity makes it a beast of a weapon that just gets stronger the more you fire it.

Oh, and did I mention it has high Slash and Status, and has innate Punch-through of 1.5m? Well, I did now. Go get yourself a Kohm.

How to Acquire

The Kohm has a Mastery Rank requirement of MR5, which is fair, and can be purchased from the Market for a steal (only 20,000 credits). That said, the resource requirements are mostly painful – especially the 2 Argon Crystals and Oxium required.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Salvage
    Salvage 2,500
  • Oxium
    Oxium 500
  • Cryotic
    Cryotic 500
  • Argon Crystal
    Argon Crystal 2


kohm stats

I’ve pretty much outlined what makes this weapon good – high Slash Damage, innate Punch-through, spool-up auto-fire with high magazine and total ammo capacity; the Kohm is a monster.

It’s not all good news, though. While the Kohm has a good initial accuracy, as the spool-up starts to add more and more pellets to the output, it starts to fire more wildly (which is totally understandable. In addition, being a Shotgun, the pellets spread over a distance, which means that there is distinct Damage falloff after 15m. Does this necessarily impact the Damage dealing capability of the Kohm? It’s up to you, really – but for up close and personal, this bad boy is not going to disappoint.

Crit or Status?

It’s an interesting one – the Kohm actually has a pretty good base Critical Damage at 2.3x but a kind of poor Critical Chance at only 11%. You could work to increase this if you like, but with a base Status Chance of 25% (and a lovely high base Slash Damage), you’re best focusing there. Keep in mind, however, that as a pellet-firing shotgun, the actual Status Chance is divided by the number of pellets unless it’s at 100% prior to the use of Multishot mods. This also means the Status Chance decreases as you spool. Best thing to do is focus on getting the Status Chance to 100%, or focus on straight Damage output. Likely the best bet would be to get your hands on a nice Riven mod that pumps up your Status Chance significantly.

The Kohm is just a monster, and with the right Riven, it’ll easily carry you through everything the game has to offer. Otherwise, it’s still a really great weapon, but a little hard to mod well, given it’s limitations in terms of Status Chance. Either way, it’s just a fun weapon to play around with overall, and should be the kind of weapon you don’t sell once you’ve mastered it.

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