Weapon 101 – Pyrana / Pyrana Prime

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The Pyrana is a weapon of Tenno design – a full-auto shotgun sidearm made to chew through low tier enemies with high Slash Damage and Critical Chance. When the Pyrana and Pyrana Prime are modded properly, they can put out a massive number of pellets… and when it comes to shotguns, more pellets means more dead bad guys.

Being a full-auto shotgun, the Pyrana suffers from significant recoil and damage fall-off. This is normal for shotgun weapons, being most effective at close and short ranges. These drawbacks do not stop the Pyrana from being a great sidearm fit for many situations, and perfect for the cramped hallways and tight spaces so often employed in Warframe’s level design.

The Pyrana was introduced in Update 13.6, and its Prime variant was introduced with Limbo Prime access in June 2018. 

How to Acquire

The Pyrana is a Tenno lab weapon and as such the blueprint must be researched at a clan dojo, before clan members can replicate the blueprint. Please note that there is also a MR12 Mastery requirement for this weapon…

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Control Modules
    Control Modules 2
  • Salvage
    Salvage 800
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 200
  • Forma
    Forma 1

The Pyrana Prime is, as with all Primes, available via Relic farming in Void Fissure missions (provided you have the right Relics). Note, though that there is an MR13 lock for the Prime variant.

Stats by Variant

pyrana stats
pyrana prime stats

The Pyrana is no slouch, coming in with a high percentage of Slash Damage, and decent base Critical Chance. As a result, it clears mobs quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, the Pyrana Prime improves where the normal variant falls short, boasting higher CC, greater fall-off distance, higher magazine size, and a faster reload. It also has a slightly slower rate of fire, allowing more precise control of the weapon.

The Pyrana Prime also has a unique passive ability that will double its effectiveness for a short time. When you take down three enemies in quick succession with the Pyrana Prime, an ethereal copy of the weapon will appear in the player’s opposite hand, doubling the Pyrana Prime’s rate of fire and magazine size for several seconds. This essentially grants the player an “Akpyrana Prime” for a few fleeting, glorious seconds.

Crit or Status?

The Pyrana’s stat spread is heavily weighted towards Crit and dealing a large amount of burst Damage in a short amount of time. Building for multishot with a high Crit Chance on this weapon will be the most effective, along with a Damage type that best suits the enemy you’ll be facing. Higher Status Chance will help but is not something you should invest toward. For a little extra fun, throw an increased fire rate mod on your Pyrana, just to watch it perforate some unwary sap who didn’t bring his Armor to work that day.

The Pyrana is not the best sidearm for the required Mastery Rank, but has a very high fun and style factor. Like it’s namesake, a Pyrana will shred your opponents in the blink of an eye, and look good doing it. The Pyrana Prime doubles down on the fun of an automatic shotgun sidearm by adding a second gun if you proc its passive perk. Overall, the Pyrana and Pyrana Prime are fun, deadly, and with a bit of forma investment can be made incredibly powerful.

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