Weapon 101 – Sicarus / Sicarus Prime

sicarus tips

The Sicarus is a Tenno weapon, and the associated Prime was released way back in Update 11 alongside Ember Prime. The base variant handles well in many engagements, but the Prime is arguably one of the best Secondary weapons in the game to date.

A burst fire Secondary, the Sicarus fires 3 rounds at a time with a relatively high fire rate. This does affect weapon stability, as would be expected, which also means that care needs to be taken when using it, in order to reduce wasted ammunition.

How to Acquire

The Sicarus is easy to obtain! While it does have an MR3 requirement, it can be purchased outright from the market for 20,000 credits, meaning you don’t need to grind for resources and it doesn’t have to be built in the Foundry. 

The Sicarus Prime, however, has been vaulted and becomes available alongside Ember during her unvaulting. Note it does have quite a high Mastery requirement of MR14.

Stats by Variant

sicarus stats

The stats are pretty clear – the base Sicarus isn’t too bad for low-rank engagements, but the Sicarus Prime is a step above. Where the Sicarus has poor IPS balance, the Prime variant is much more effective. More than that, the Prime has a faster fire rate, higher base accuracy, and holds more in a magazine, making it a far more useful weapon in far more varied engagements.

Crit or Status?

For the base Sicarus, I’d probably go as far as suggesting you mod for straight Damage and ignore both Crit and Status. However, if you still have some mod slots available, build for Crit over Status, as it has the higher Chance. Sicarus Prime has a better Crit chance overall, but I’ve had the best luck with a hybrid build. You can really build for either – mix it up and see what works for you!

For my money, the base Sicarus is good for low-rank players, but not something you’ll hold on to for long. The Sicarus Prime, on the other hand, is one of my favourite Secondaries in the game. Would you necessarily find yourself replacing your 6-Forma Tigris Prime for this? Probably not, but you will know that when that weapon eventually runs out of ammo, you’ve got a solid backup waiting for the coach to give it some court time…

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