Who is Nora Night?

For many players, this whole story began with a tweet from the Official Warframe Twitter account, a tweet that, as of the time of writing, is still pinned to the top of that timeline, now 5 days later:

The clever among us (not including myself, clearly) then knew to head to their Orbiter, and to switch on the radio scanner, which was likely switched off as soon as the ability to turn it off was discovered – let’s be honest here, it’s more annoying than useful, isn’t it?

At great surprise to all, a new voice could be heard over the airwaves – a woman’s voice. A voice dripping with personality, a voice made for radio entertainment, but hinting at rebellion. And she has quite a lot to say.

Of course, what she does have to say is seemingly innocuous, and – for the most part – somewhat meaningless. In one instance, she mentions that “the Red King is at the dance”. Another time, she mentions that “the Devil is home and the shades are up”. On other occasions, she refers to the wolf… and the sheep.

Throughout all of this, though, she refers to those listening as Dreamers – perhaps itself a reference to the Second Dream, or perhaps not? It would seem that her broadcasts are not limited to players that have completed this section of the game, but either way, her meaning is unclear.

However, she is clear on one thing – who she is. Introducing herself as Nora Night, she continues to tell listeners that Nightwave is coming. Whatever that may be.

At the moment, none of this is all that clear, but suggestions from this Reddit post (among many others), and some of the things that Steve Sinclair has mentioned during Devstreams points at this being an introduction to the forthcoming Wolf of Saturn Six storyline, which itself is intended to be a refresh of the Alert system.

wolf of saturn 6

Given this all started happening at the same time as the War oin Grineer 6th Anniversary event, it’s likely that some of what is occuring now is also representative of what is to come – perhaps it’s the type of Alert (in this case, a 30-minute Survival), or perhaps it’s the rewards (here, 10 vaulted Relics). An image shared on Reddit shows what was planned as a selection screen for the Wolf of Saturn Six (apologies for quality, this screenshot was taken from a live stream) – not only does this show Prime weapons (some of which are vaulted) as rewards, but it also mentiones a new “Raio Legion” faction. Sure, this may be placeholder, but that is quite a coincidence.

My thoughts? The Radio Legion has been renamed “Nightwave”, and this faction will be led by Nora Night. She will contact us via the scanner, sending us new mission alerts to complete for new, better rewards. And these alerts will follow a story over the course of several weeks (Steve mentioned that the Wolf of Saturn Six would take 8 weeks).

Note specifically the following excerpt of one of Nora Night’s transmissions…

"Acts of defiance, acts of generosity, acts of sacrifice... this is how we turn this system 'round. I'll take you there, Dreamers. I'll bring you back."

Nora Night

Personally, I’m very interested to see where this leads, and am even more interested to see what DE has in store for us in terms of the new Altert system. I’m very open to new, shorter story-based content, but I also don’t want to lose access to random missions with random rewards either… Time will tell.

If you’d like to read through all of what Nora Night has said to date, check out the Nora Night article on the Warframe Wiki. If you want to hear all of the quotes yourself, you can trigger them by turning your Scanner on and off.

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