Episode 34 – Nightwave & Orb Mothers

warframe podcast

In this week’s episode, we cover the new PC release – Operation: Buried Debts – and discuss the more permanent additions to the Warframe daily grind. We give our full opinions on Nightwave and the Orb Mother fight, minus the spoilers (at least, we hope so).


  • News: Operation: Buried Debts, Warframe Annicersary/Twitch drops
  • Discussion: Our thoughts on Nightwave and the Profit-Taker fight
  • Beginner topic: an introduction to the Plains of Eidolon
  • Advanced topic: Arcanes

Episode Notes:

Operation: Buried Debts has been released for PC!

New Limbo skin

Ephemera is now available!

New K-Drive pieces!

Twitch monster rewards, warframe 6 year anniversary begins

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