Episode 37 – Warframe in 2019

warframe podcast 37

Episode 37 is ready for your ears, Tenno. In this episode, the Cephalons have a good old chinwag about what we hope and expect from Warframe in 2019 – there’s a lot to be excited about!

Plus, we announce our super secret awesome announcement – the next episode is a Special Interview with Nora Night! Keep an eye out for it on Thursday.


  • News: Warframe Anniversay, Equinox Prime Access, Exploiter Orb, Mogamu interview, Wolf of Saturn 6 episode 3…
  • Discussion: Warframe in 2019
  • Beginner’s topic: What can you spend Platinum on, and what can you get for free?
  • Advanced topic: Focus Tree – Vazarin

Episode Notes:

Warframe Anniversary is live! Liset skin, excal dex noggle, plus previous years dealios!

Equinox Prime coming April 2nd!

Exploiter Orb! There’s also a free new Buried Debts Glyph available – THEDEADHAVEDEBTS

Mogamu released some interviews – they’re definitely worth watching!

New Wolf of Saturn 6 Episode…

Very cool 6th anniversary stats

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