Nightwave Weeklies: Series 1, Week 3

Welcome back Dreamers, 

The Nightwave weekly bounties change every Sunday at 12 midnight GMT (or Monday morning, if that’s your preference), so keep your eyes out every week after that time for our weekly update – letting you know the activities you’ll need to complete for the week (note this will not include daily challenges, of course).

Here are the new Weekly Acts of the Wolf of Saturn Six Week 3.

This Week's Bounties

  • The following challenges are in place until Midnight Sunday 17 March/Monday 18 March:
  • Mine 6 Rare Gems in the Plains of Eidolon
  • Help Clem in his Weekly Mission
  • Complete 3 Sabotage Missions
  • Complete 4 Orokin Vaults
  • Complete 8 Bounties in the Orb Vallis
  • Catch 6 Rare Servofish in Orb Vallis
  • Mine 6 Rare Gems in the Orb Vallis
  • Complete 4 Halls of Ascension on Lau (Elite)
  • Complete an Extermination Mission with Level 30 or Higher Enemies without being detected (Elite)
  • Complete 5 Sorties (Elite)

We’re still working on the tips for these, but I expect to be able to provide these in the same article as of next week! Keep an eye out for this week’s tips shortly!

We’ll be back next week!
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