Operation: Buried Debts in Cert for Consoles

melee 2.9

Note: most of the information contained herein is copied from the PC update article, with some minor additions… So I chose some alternative images!

Well… surprise us DE often will, and less than a week or two after releasing Operation: Buried Debts on PC, DE has sent the update off to cert for consoles… And not just PS4 and XB1, but for Switch as well (suggesting that all consoles may now be in sync in terms of their updates, which is great news).

This update is mostly the same across all consoles, with the exception of the Switch, which of course is still playing catch-up with Tennogen, so they get some extra goodies. Check it out, and get excited for Exploiter!

tatsu warframe

What's coming with this update?

  • Operation: Buried Debts – touted by DE as a “community event”, this Operation sees players searching the Orb Vallis for fractures on the surface. These Thermia Fractures, as they are known, are the result of Nef Anyo’s greed, and players will uncover the secret over several weeks as they discover more of these fractures… Rewards include vanity cosmetics (emblem/sigil), new mods, and the new BFG – the Opticor Vandal
  • New warframe, Hildryn – a beastly new frame, Hildryn uses Shields to power her Abilities, and Energy to recharge her Shields. This would likely require a new approach to gameplay, and we can’t wait to give her a shot! 
  • Melee 2.9: aka Melee Phase 1 – this is one we;ve been waiting for, and we’ve gone over some of the notes before.These changes have now been applied, with uninterrupted combat, combo resume, aimed slams, and new visual effects now available for your melee pleasure
  • New controller key bindings for us all to get used to!
  • A new Mastery test (for MR27, if you’re that way inclined)!
  • Ephemera – the new warframe effects are now available! Want to leave behind ice, grass, or other effects as you move about? Then Ephemera is here for you!
  • Updates to the Warframe Abilities screen – part of the overhaul for the new user experience.
  • New weapons and accessories – Hildryn has her own signature weapon, and it’s an Arch-gun! Called the Larkspur, it’s a bit of a beast. Also released alongside Hildryn was a new Syandana and a new alt Helmet
  • New K-Drive parts – getting bored of the same old K-Drive, or just sad that everyone seems to have the same one? Well, you now have access to more parts, so you can possibly make yours stand out s little more!
  • Limbo Deluxe Skin and accessories – the new Limbo Deluxe skin is now out, as is the Tarot-card skin for throwing weapons! Also released to complement – a new Syandana and Sugatra
  • Tatsu: the double-handed katana – yes, Revenant’s signature weapon is finally available in game, and it looks great
  • Quality of life improvements – these are some of the things I’m excited about most… client-side weapon swapping, individual extraction from endless missions, bounties on the Plains of Eidolon, additional trading slots… Awesome!
  •  … and much more, including Operator hairstyles and a new Corpus-themed Syandana
  • Nintendo Switch only: Switch is still playing catch-up here, so they have received a bunch of items for Tennogen Round 14, including: Gara Zamairu, Limbo Graxx, and the Karv’r Greatsword, among many others.
  • Door opening has been made client-side??? Is this an end to the classic Warframe sidequest, Doorframe???
tennogen round 14 switch

More detail?

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