Silver Grove Farming Guide

The Silver Grove was introduced to Warframe as a part of Update 19 and with it brought a new story for players to dive into. But this is not about the story, this is about the farm to acquire some special mods. During the Quest “The Silver Grove,” the player was awarded a number of Apothics to use in order to progress the Quest. These Apothics are in fact reusable and are required in order to gain all the treasures hidden away by the guardian spectres.

Starting fresh as a new day: the Sunrise apothic

For this Apothic, you will need to find and scan 2 “Jadeleaf” plants – these articles of flora are only found on Earth in the forest tileset during the day (during a 4-hour cycle that is separate from the Plains of Eidolon).

Next, you will want to travel to a cold tile set on a planet like Venus, Neptune, or Pluto to search cliff sides for 8 “Frost Leaf” samples.

And for the final ingredient needed to create the first of 3 potions, you will need to infiltrate Grineer Asteroids and search the shadowy areas (such as underneath stairs or on the rocky walls) for 12 “Veston Moss”.

Mix all these plants together with a couple of Morphics and you’re ready with your first Apothic – the Sunrise Apothic. Make sure it is equipped to your gear wheel and head off to Earth in search of the hidden Silver Grove. Once you find it, you can use the Apothic on the shrine you find there to trigger the first guardian.

Feyarch Spectre

The first guardian of the Silver Grove takes the form of Oberon in his deluxe Feyarch skin, and for the most part, uses his own skills – except for his fourth ability. For that, he seems to have borrowed from the avian frame Zephyr.

  • Smite
  • Hallowed ground
  • Reckoning
  • Tornado

As for all the goodies you can get from this fight, we have:

  • Shotgun Amp: with a drop rate of 51%, this is an aura mod that increases shotgun DMG
  • Final Harbinger: 36% drop rate for this  Sword & Shield Stance mod
  • Empowered Blades: drops at a much lower 6% chance. With this mod, charge attacks get +60% Status Chance and Damage at the cost of 90 Shield per hit.
  • High Noon: also drops at a low 6% chance – this a Gunblade Stance mod.

As the day comes to an end: the Nightfall apothic

Again you must prepare your scanners to harvest the materials needed for the second potion. First, you’ll need to track down two “Dusklight Sarracenia,” which is found near the swampy waters of Ceres.

Thankfully the remaining two plants required are both found in the forests of Earth. First, the “Sunlight Threshcone” (of which you will need 12), are found during the 4-hour day period, while “Moonlight Dragonlilys” are found during the 4 -hour night period – you will need 6 of these.

Again splash them all together with a couple of Morphics, throw the resultant Nightfall Apothic into your gear wheel, and head to Earth once more in search of the Silver Grove. This time, using the Nightfall Apothic on the shrine will call forth a different guardian.

Knave Spectre

The Knave is represented by Loki, sporting his Knave deluxe skin. This guardian has all of Loki’s Abilities, with the only difference being that Decoy can be cast multiple times with reflective Damage.

  • Decoy
  • Invisibility
  • Switch teleport
  • Disarm

And, of course, the Knave guardian brings another lineup of treasures:

  • Pistol Amp:  has a 51% chance of dropping, and is an Aura mod that increases the Damage of secondary weapons
  • Blind Justice: with a 36% drop chance, this is a Nikana Stance mod
  • Crimson Dervish: a more rare and valuable drop with a 6% drop chance – this is a Sword Stance mod
  • Growing Power: also at 6% drop chance, this is a rare Aura mod that makes it so a status proc will increase Ability Power Strength by 25% for 6 seconds

The brief moment between nightfall and sunrise: the twilight apothic

So this recipe starts with two “Moonlight Jadeleaf,” which are found at night in the forests of Earth. 

Next, you’re on your way to Mars in search of six “Ruk’s Claw,” a plant usually found on walls or in the ruins of the sandy landscape. 

And finally, head to Lua to find six “Lunar Pitcher” to finish the third and final Apothic. 

As per the others, you will also need to throw in a couple of Morphics to finish the recipe. Once done, you may put it in your gear wheel and travel to the Silver Grove once more to face the third and final guardian.

Orphid Spector

This lovely guardian takes on the form of Saryn in her majestic Orphid deluxe skin. This version of the toxic lady only has access to 3 of her Abilities, and the biggest difference from the normal Saryn is that Molt creates a moving husk that crawls towards the player and explodes on proximity.

  • Molt
  • Spores
  • Miasma

The reward pool for this final guardian is as follows:

  • Brief Respite: an Aura mod with a 38% drop chance: casting skills will grant Shields to the player equal to 150% of the Energy spent, but only while overshields are inactive
  • Stand United: another Aura mod, this time with a 29% drop chance . This mod increases Armor by 25.5%
  • Atlantis Vulcan: if you’re after a stance for the Nunchaku, this is for you!  21% drop chance
  • Crossing Snakes: this is a Stance mod for Dual Swords and has a drop rate of 10%

As you can see, there are a few items from these spectres that are quite unique, and a few of which can only be acquired through the farming of the Silver Grove (note that you can use frames such as Nekros to increase your drop chances, occasionally resulting in multiple mod drops). 

While the idea of scanning plants may not be appealing to all, the fact that this is in the game will not change and shows that Digital Extremes is willing to try anything to change up the usual grind in Warframe.

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