Tips for Nightwave – Series 1, Week 2

Hello Dreamers. By now, you’ve likely had a taste of the new Nightwave Acts. This guide will serve to point out what Acts overlap well with each other to help make the most of each mission and some other general tips. There are some Acts that will overlap in multiple cases, but for here we will try to point out the most effective combos.

Currently we are in Week 2 of the Wolf of Saturn Six and here are our Weekly Acts. We did cover this in a previous article, but to save time and effort, we’ve copied it all below (and yes, as of next week, we will look to publish only a single article):


  • Unlock 3 relics
  • Complete 10 Syndicate missions
  • Complete 1 Sortie
  • Kill 30 Eximus
  • Pick up 8 rare mods
  • Complete 10 Perfect animal captures
  • Complete 3 Assassination missions


  • 60-min Survival with friends or clan member
  • 3 waves of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
  • 60-min Kuva Survival without using life support modules

To start, here are the gating items for your Acts. 

Up first is Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, for which you will have to have completed the quest The New Strange. Following this later down the quest line, to access the Sortie and Kuva Survival, you will have needed to complete The War Within. Spoilers as to why will not be covered here but it is something to take note of as you plan out your missions.

For the Normal deeds, your best overlap will be an Assassination Sortie to pick up a point toward the three Assassinations alongside your Sortie point. Alternatively, or if you don’t have access to Sorties, you could use this 3 Assassination challenge as chance to farm some frame parts you might be missing to help boost your reward. The Sergeant at Phobos is said to be the fastest one you may be able to run. Or you may want to consider a Phorid Invasion (which is what I did – Cephalon Greg), which will net you not only the Act completion, you’ll get Nyx parts and Battle Pay as well.

For the 3 relics, it’s hard to beat the Capture missions if you want a quick turnaround. Also (especially if you are not able to access the Kuva Survival), consider comboing this with the 60-min Survival with a Friend/Clan Member. You’ll walk away with both cleared and a bunch of extra Prime Gear.

If you have completed The War Within, your best combo will be the 60-min Kuva Survival if you can bring a Friend/Clan Member along. Be sure to prepare well though, Nekros and Pilfroids are definitely recommended if not mandatory. As a note, you do not have to Siphon Kuva if you want to focus solely on surviving, but it is a good chance to knock out 2 Elite Weeklies and leave with a nice chunk of Kuva.

If you have access to Sanctuary Onslaught, it is a great place to grind the Eximus kills, and if your gear can handle Elite Sanctuary Onslaught you have a good chance at a two-for-one here.

A couple of notes for the 8 Rare Mods: the Index is likely the fastest grind for them when considering just this Act. The weapon mods dropped there will count and drop relatively frequently. Counter to this, the Derelict Vault Corrupted Mods will NOT count toward this Act. Otherwise for the Eximus Kills and Rare Mods, you will likely pick these up as you clear the other Acts.

Unfortunately, the Syndicate Missions and Perfect Animal Captures do not overlap well with our other objectives at the weekly level. Eximus or Rare Mod points can likely be earned on the Syndicate Missions, but otherwise if you want to combo here keep an eye on what the Dailies are.

Now, we focused on this week’s Acts, but the dailies that will come alongside can net you some quick and easy standing. As we can’t predict what Dailies will come, here’s a quick look at last week’s, which may help guide you as this week’s come out.

  • Deploy a glyph
    • Pretty self explanatory, can clear this on any mission. Just make sure your Glyph Prism is in your gear wheel and paint that Glyph for the squad to see.
  • Scan 25 Objects or Enemies
    • If you have Helios (Prime), it’ll make short work of this one for you. Otherwise you’ll just need to pause here and there and scan some items yourself. Possibly a good chance to pick up Apothic materials if you are in need.
  • Pick up 8 mods
    • Another straightforward one, depending on what mission you run you will likely clear this in one go.
  • Kill 20 enemies while Sliding
    • Basically the same as the Affinity Bonus Objective. Remember, sliding kills do not have to be made with Melee Weapons, you may also use your ranged gear.
  • Kill 150 enemies with Heat/Cold Damage
    • Probably the trickiest so far of the Dailies, as you will likely need to mod your weapon for Heat/Cold or grab something with an innate Heat Damage, such as the Ignis. A key note is the weapon will have to deliver the Heat Damage on the final round/strike to count, so try to boost the Status Chance as well if you can. Kills with warframe Abilities like those of Ember also count toward this.

That covers this week’s Acts. Keep the Scanner online as we’ll be back for Week 3 Dreamers with a new guide.

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