Warframe 101 – Gara

Gara, the glassframe, appeared among the roast in Update 22, alongside the Plains of Eidolon. She has her own short quest that’s tied into Cetus lore, but her component blueprints can take time to acquire (you need more than a modicum of luck on your side). Shattering the common belief that glass is fragile, Gara is far from it – in fact, she has found her place as a solid choice for end game among many players.

Note: Gara’s blueprint is acquired from the Saya’s Vigil questline, whereas her component blueprints are rewards for Cetus bounties.

Shattered Lash

Like a knight in battle, Gara thrust her glass sword in front of her, dealing Puncture Damage and knocking back enemies within 0.7m of her blade. Should you wish to cover a wider area in front of Gara, players can hold down the Ability key, after which Gara will sweep her sword in an arc in front of her, dealing Slash Damage to enemies that come in contact with the sword, and ragdolling them. Keep in mind that this is both silent, one-handed, and can be cast while jumping.

Shattered Lash is affected by Ability Strength and Range mods. However, it is ALSO augmented by melee mods – including Pressure Point and IPS mods (but note that Impact or Slash mods will only affect the relevant stat for thrust or sweep Damage).

gara shattered lash

Splinter Storm

Part of Gara’s outfit is some very visible glass armour. Using Splinter Storm will shatter this armour outwards, creating a swirling storm of razor sharp glass in a short radius around her. Enemies that enter this radius will be struck with constant balanced IPS Damage over time, and will be pushed back. Gara herself will receive 70% (base at max) Damage resistance, which affects both Shields and Health. This can also be cast on allies, providing the same benefit.

Splinter Storm can also be cast on enemies, causing Damage and increasing their vulnerability to weapon damage.

gara splinter storm


A targeted Ability, Gara conjures a rotating circle of mirrors. This shiny carousel enraptures enemies, luring them inside, where they begin to attack their own reflection. On receiving a certain amount of Damage, each mirror will individually explode, causing Damage on the attacker. When half of the mirrors are destroyed, the carousel collapses on itself, causing even more Damage to enemies still trapped within.

If a mirror shatters within Range of Splinter Storm, 50% of its Damage is added to Splinter Storm’s Damage per second for the remaining Duration.
Spectrorage is affected by Ability Strength, Range (number of mirrors and charm radius), and Duration mods.

gara spectrorage

Mass Vitrify

Gara release a slowly expanding ring of molten glass, which expands outward and (since a rework) downward, creating a wall of glass around her. This occurs over 3 seconds, during which Gara is invulnerable. This ring expands to 11m base at max rank. While expanding, enemies that come in contact with the expanding wall become encased in glass, which hardens around them, crystallising them for a Duration – during this time, they lose resistance to weapon Damage.

The glass wall itself, which hardens when it reaches maximum Range, when Gara runs out of Energy, or upon recasting, consists of 12 panels, each with 2,225 base Health, which is further augmented by Gara’s Armor stat (hint hint). When a panel is destroyed, it shatters causing Damage to all enemies within Range. Gara can recast the Ability to shatter all panels.

Note that although players can move through the glass wall without issue, you can ALSO perform wall grab and jumping maneuvers off it.

Gara can use her Shattered Lash Ability on a glass panel to instantly destroy it, inflicting both the Shattered Lash Damage plus additional Damage from the shattering of the panel. In addition, casting Mass Virtify while Splinter Storm is active will refresh the Duration of this Ability and its effects.

Mass Vitrify is affected by Strength, Range, and Duration mods.

gara mass vitrify


Gara’s Passive, Glint, uses her glassiness as crowd control. When standing in light, there is a chance for Gara to blind any enemies within 12m for 10 seconds, also opening them to finisher attacks.

gara stats

Gara’s Abilities make her both tanky, effective at Damage dealing, and excellent crowd control, making Gara an excellent choice for players willing to understand the synergy between her Abilities. Buff her Armor to make her tankier and to augment the Health of Mass Vitrify, and keep Splinter Storm active, and you’ll soon understand why she is quickly becoming a favourite among players.

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