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Bound by chains and hidden away in the shadows, the dark priest waits for the Tenno to uncover the power to bind one’s enemies to a fate where death is a mercy. Harrow was released as a part of the Red Veil Quest line “Chains of Harrow”, in which DE decided to try their hand at a horror-themed story. To great success they brought with it an equally terrifying warframe , one that feeds on the misery and misfortunes of those who cross his path. In this 101 , we walk the hallowed halls to learn the secrets and Abilities of the dark priest, Harrow.


Swinging his ghastly Thurible, Harrow sends forth a spectral afterimage that travels for 20 metres, chaining all it passes through in place. However, as stated earlier, Harrow feeds on his enemies torment, and for this Ability, it is in the form of a Shield gain derived from Harrow’s Ability Strength. Maxxed at base, this is a pleasant 150 Shield for

harrow condemn


Thrashing one’s self rarely seems appealing, unless of course you are Harrow. To pay Penance, this priest does just that, using his trusty Thurible. The price being paid is Harrows entire Shield pool, but his devotion is rewarded in full with an additional Duration increase of 1.54 seconds over top the base 4 seconds, to buffs that reach all nearby allies for every 100 Shield sacrificed. The buffs in question affects Harrow’s allies within the 50 metre Affinity range and boosts fire rate by 35%, reload speed by 70%, and grants a 5% life steal to Harrow that allies may reap the rewards of at the dark priest’s leisure.

harrow penance


At this stage, it’s pretty clear that the Thurible plays an important role in the priest’s arsenal, and upon being introduced to the third Ability, it becomes clear that the Thurible still holds a few more tricks hidden within. Upon activation of Thurible, Harrow begins to channel his energy through a chant into his religious tool. This chant may be stopped at any point, turning Harrow’s sacrifice again into a reward that may benefit all nearby allies. Energy is granted to those who ally themselves with the dark priest – every point of Energy spent to power the Thurible may be returned tenfold by slaying enemies within 20 metres over 35 seconds. This means that the higher the sacrifice, the greater the reward. Energy gained by Harrow’s kills are multiplied by 4 if the kill was a headshot, so there is more to gain through condemning one’s enemies.

harrow thurible


By allying yourself with a Harrow, you become a part of his Covenant – if you don’t feel like you’ve received any benefits from this yet, then you sure are about to. Upon the activation of Harrow’s fourth and final Ability, all allies within the 50 metre Affinity radius become invincible for 6 seconds. Now while 6 seconds may not seem like a long time, every point of Damage that is collectively dealt to the group is added together and granted back to Harrow’s allies as a boost to Critical Chance. Every 100 points of Damage taken results in a 1.5% Crit Chance increase, capping at 50% CC increase. With a 4x multiplier on headshots for 12 seconds, it really pays to be a member of Harrow’s Covenant.

harrow covenant


Harrow’s passive,  Conviction, is a simple one that ties in well with his Abilities – a boosted overshield of 200% the normal amount means that on top of Harrow’s already high Shield value, he may still accumulate a further 2400 Shield.

harrow stats

Although the theme behind Harrow may be dark and brooding, his Abilities make him a valuable support frame to almost any group. So if you’re looking for an advanced playstyle revolving around making your enemies suffer while your friends stay alive and get stronger by your presence, then Harrow may just be the frame for you. Devotion through sacrifice rewards Harrow players with great power.

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