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Crossing the threshold into purgatory , we welcome the magician, Limbo. This mad hat-wearing frame is especially powerful if used correctly; however, be aware that not every ally will take kindly to the realm-shifting powers that Limbo harnesses. Update 20.0 saw the dimensional wizard read from a new book of magic granting a much more advanced style of play. In this 101, we will dive through the rift into another plane of existence  to explore the advanced arts of the rift walker.

Note: Limbo is obtained via the Limbo Theorem questline, which is unlocked early in game. That said, it’s primarily an Archwing quest, so it often gets avoided for a while.


Doing things slightly different than normal, it would be wise to first learn about the rift plane – a plane of existence separate from the material plane we are all used to, and the location where Limbo’s powers are at their strongest. Limbo’s passive (Rift Walk) revolves around crossing into the rift plane and receiving some strategic advantages. This is achieved with the use of the dodge button on your platform of choice. The first said advantage is that while in the rift, Limbo becomes completely untouchable by those in the material world, which is good for if you need a quick getaway. Note that when Limbo steps into the rift he leaves behind a tear between dimensions for 5 seconds, and allies are able to put this tear to use to follow Limbo into the rift for 15 seconds, although Limbo can stay indefinitely. While there are enemies in the rift, Limbo will receive 10 Energy for each kill, meaning Limbo can replenish his Energy so long as he utilises his connection to the rift plane.


For the opening act and first Ability, Limbo sends forth a wave of energy that ‘banishes’ all organisms it comes in contact with to the rift plane. This, of course, means allies and any mission-based NPC’s may also be banished. If an ally wishes to escape the rift, all they need do is quickly tap the dodge key. Adversaries, on the other hand, don’t get such luxuries and instead are dealt 250 Impact Damage, as the cast is a heavy force push that pushes the enemy into the rift. Upon entering the rift, enemies are dealt an additional 300 Impact Damage following a knockdown. Enemies in the rift can only be attacked in the rift.

limbo banish


For his next act, Limbo takes full control over the rift plane, and stops time for all his adversaries stuck in the rift. While time may be frozen for the enemy, it is not for Limbo, allowing him to freeze all enemy fire/projectiles. The base Duration for Stasis is 15 seconds and the max enemy/projectiles it can stop at any time is 300, any more than this limit and Stasis will shut off automatically.

limbo stasis

Rift Surge

Now for one of Limbo’s more complicated Abilities, the Rift Surge. Any and all enemies trapped in the rift plane within a 25-meter radius of Limbo will be enveloped by intense rift energies. These energies will act like a bomb, exploding when a charged enemy leaves the rift. This rift explosion has a 5-meter radius and will throw any enemies bound to the material plane right on in to the rift, including the enemy that had been the catalyst for the surge. Being banished by this means will last for 18 seconds, and if an enemy is killed while they are charged then the surge of energy will travel to a new host within 25 metres on the material plane.

limbo rift surge


And for Limbo’s closing act, he calls forth a dimensional nexus connecting the rift plane with the material plane. All who cross the threshold will in fact be stepping into the rift, where Limbo rules supreme. The initial radius of this pocket dimension is 16 metres around the designated cast location, which will begin to shrink down to a 5 metre radius before completely dissipating – all of this occurs within a 30-second timeframe. Now be warned – the cataclysm affects the way the battle is waged, with different effects depending on whether you are friend or foe. Allies in the cataclysm can move freely and will generate 2 Energy every second, which cannot be interrupted. Enemies within the casting area will take 500 Blast Damage on the appearance and again at the disappearance of the pocket dimension, along with 300 Damage for entering and leaving the rift. Additional damage may be dealt by the collapse of cataclysm based on the average Health and Shields of enemies caught in the centre.

limbo cataclysm


limbo stats
limbo prime stats

As of hotfix 23.0.3, Limbo Prime entered the fray with increased stats across the board. Starting with Shields, Limbo Prime boasts a hefty 300 over normal Limbo’s 225. Secondly, we saw an Armor increase from 65 to 85, and finally a minor increase to Energy, from 225 to 262.

Limbo is certainly one of the more advanced frames to date and if this is the path you wish to take, then use your time wisely and spend some time getting to know his Abilities. Many of your allies may not see eye to eye in your frame of choice, but don’t let that discourage you. Limbo is a powerhouse alone, but when utilised properly with allies, your whole team becomes unstoppable.

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