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Mag, the magnificent manipulator, displays her moxie with a mastery of magnetism, moving matter with ease. Materialising from the Void as one of the original 8 warframes, Mag has been at our side since mission 1, 2013 and Update 10.0 brought Mag Prime as the first female Prime to the game. When mastering Mag yourself, multiple options await – you may select her as your Starter Frame, seek out The Sergeant on Phobos, or enter a Tenno showdown in the Conclave securing Standing to swap with Teshin.


Premiering with an Ability matched to her name, Mag manipulates a magnetic force to Pull enemies from up to 25 meters away, maiming with 300 Magnetic Damage. When cast, enemies will be ragdolled within melee Range. This occurs in a Cone-Shaped AoE, which extends out to max Range as well as those nearby. 

Great for Crowd Control, Pull benefits well from Ability Strength and Range mods. If Augmented, Pull may also pull Pickups right into your hands.


Magnetize is a massive manipulator of the battlefield. When Cast, a magnetic field up to 4 metres in radius pins an enemy in place, making them a literal bullet magnet for up to 15 seconds. It is a particularly effective way to neutralise Junction Specters. Additionally, the field pulls in nearby enemies caught within its range, making it a masterful way to secure doorways. This also affects all projectiles, bullets, and shards from Mag’s Polarize  (all referred to as Projectiles here on), which are redirected to the main target at the field’s centre . Doing so multiplies their Damage against the Main Target by up to 200%. If the projectile has punch through, then it will turn back toward centre, turning the field into a blender in a matter of moments. 

When projectiles enter the magnetic field, up to 25% of their Damage is absorbed and dealt out to all enemies within the AoE. If the main target meets its demise, the field then explodes outward up to 15 metres, maiming enemies with up to 300 Blast Damage plus 25% of the absorbed Damage for each Damage tick delivered by the field before detonation. 

Augmenting Magnetize will make the field detonate on your command, with a 50% Chance to disarm enemies hit by the blast. Make the most of Magnetize by modding for Strength and Duration. Additional Range will multiply your manipulation from door-scale to room-scale.

mag magnetise


Pulsing the field with energy, Polarize propagates out up to a 8 metre range for up to 5 seconds. The pulse pummels enemy Shields, dealing up to 400 Damage or stripping up to 400 Armor, while also dealing True Damage equal to the Armor reduction. Additionally, enemies whose Shield or Armor were stripped will give off a Magnetic Damage burst, dealing up to 250% Damage of the drained value to foes up to 8 metres away. 

Synergising with her own abilities, Polarize causes drained enemies to drop 1 or 2 shards, storing 50 Damage each, which can be absorbed into the Magnetize field if within. 

Even after all that, Polarize has one more trick up its sleeve. When hit by the pulse, Mag and her Allies, including Companions, Hostages, Specters, Shadows of the Dead, Cryopods, Excavators, hacked MOAs and enemies under Nyx’s Mind Control will have their Shields restored. If augmented, Polarize jams and disables Robotic enemies for 4 seconds. 

Modding for Strength powers up Damage and Shield Restoration while Range and Duration multiply your AoE.

mag polarise


When Mag fully masters her manipulation, she can magnetise the very bones of those around her. Suspending enemies up to 18 metres in the air, Mag unleashes up to 1500 Magnetic Damage over three Damage ticks. Enemies foolish enough to wander into Range after Crush is cast will be impacted by any remaining Damage ticks. Unleash Magnetize recently? Crush will deliver up to 1500 extra Damage to the main target. Like Polarize, Crush also replenishes Tenno and Companion Shields by 40 on cast and 25 per enemy per tick. Augmenting Crush strips enemies of up to 50% of their Armor and pins them in place for up to 7 seconds. 

Mod selection for Crush is easy – Strength and Range is where its at.

mag crush


Mag’s Passive Ability, Magnetic Attraction, makes passive farming a breeze. When bullet jumping, this Ability pulls Pickups towards her, similar to a Sentinel’s Vacuum.


mag stats
mag prime stats

Both Mag and Mag Prime are high Shield Frames, hitting 450 at Rank 30. Mag Prime is currently Vaulted, having been returned on January 29th, 2019. If you’re able to obtain Mag Prime, you’ll be rewarded with 300 Health and 262 Energy, compared to base Mag’s 225 and 188, respectively. Both have Madurai (V) Aura Polarities and a pair of Naramon (-) slots to start. Mag Prime will add an additional Madurai (V) slot.

Mag has made her mark as a magnetic master. Shields and Armor are no match as you manipulate energy around the map. If you passed on her as your starter frame, Mag can still be mastered relatively early as you move into mid-game and a powerhouse at the end. 

And wait, there’s more! If you find some down time, pop open Mag Prime in your Codex for a memory from the Old War.

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