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This Grineer assault rifle is a dual fire weapon that can switch between Semi-auto and full-auto fire mode. It deals primarily Slash Damage, giving it a leg up in most combat situations. When aiming down sights, the weapon highlights enemies in front of the user, making it a clutch weapon in low-light situations for finding that one last infested crawler. Each firing mode has slightly different stats, effectively providing different utility in different situations, and as a side upgrade to the Braton a Tenno could do much worse. The Argonak has the highest base Damage of all hitscan weapons in the game, along with both high Critical and Status Chance, the Argonak is a solid addition to any arsenal.

How to Acquire

The Argonak is available from the Chem Lab in the Clan Dojo for 15,000 Credits, provided the clan has completed its research.

  • Credits
    Credits 30,000
  • Detonite Injector
    Detonite Injector 5
  • Plastids
    Plastids 700
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 9,950
  • Forma
    Forma 1


argonak stats

The Argonak’s Semi-Auto mode is arguably better than its Full-Auto mode, though both modes have the same IPS Damage spread. The IPS spread is nothing to write home about in terms of raw numbers, but with an increased Status Chance in Full-Auto mode, the Argonak will inflict Slash procs at a decent rate, causing enemies to bleed out over time while affected. The Semi-Auto mode is the saving grace of this weapon, though – having both a high Crit Chance and middling Status Chance means that each shot can be modded to both hit harder and inflict Status on your enemies.

Crit or Status?

My advice here would be to build a hybrid of Crit and Status and focus mainly on boosting the Semi-Auto mode to high levels of Status, Critical Chance, and Damage. The Argonak is a good platform for a hybrid build in Semi-Auto mode, and when switched to Full-Auto mode will be especially well served by the extra Status Chance and Damage given by the dual-stat mods. Throw on a decent amount of multishot, and this weapon will shred its way through the solar system.

The Argonak is a good weapon, versatile in both Semi- and Full-Auto modes, it will push out enough Damage to clear mid-level content on the star chart, and can be upgraded to be a true beast. It may fall behind its cousins, but for a Grineer weapon, it certainly would punch up any weapon loadout. Highlighting enemies when aiming is just a little extra cherry on top of this ice cream sundae of a weapon.

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