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Demonstrating that glass is not as weak as you may think, Gara’s signature Shotgun Astilla (a Tenno weapon) hurls a stream of glass slugs at your foes, detonating into a shower of shrapnel upon impact. With a guaranteed Impact Proc and high Slash damage, Astilla can be modified to shred those standing before you. It’ll take some tuning and a bit of practice, but the Auto-Shotgun Astilla can definitely be made to shine.

How to Acquire

Out of Gara’s arsenal, Astilla is the hardest to obtain due in part to the MR10 lock on it. Once you have reached this rank, you can grab the Blueprint from the Market for 20,000 Credits or pick it up pre-built for 240 Platinum. If you grab the Blueprint, it will still be a bit difficult to build, requiring you to get your hands on 4 chunks of Tellurium. So head out to Uranus or Fortuna, or take your Archwing out for a spin.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Tellurium
    Tellurium 4
  • Plastids
    Plastids 875
  • Oxium
    Oxium 175
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 7,500


astilla stats

Though classified as a shotgun, Astilla auto-fires a series of slugs that will detonate on impact. A key data fragment to keep in mind is that Astilla’s total Damage is split 30/70 percent between the slug and shard explosion. For example, if your Total Damage is 100, 30 points of Damage will be delivered by the slug to the point of impact, then 70 points of Damage will be dealt in the explosion. The explosion then has a Damage fall-off rate, where all caught within the first 30m will take the full Damage of the explosion. After that, the explosion Damage decreases down to 50% as you move out to the explosion’s max Range of 60m. Because it fires a slug, you are not able to deliver a wave of Status Procs like most other Shotguns, but both the slug and explosion deal the same Damage ratios and Status Procs separately.

Once you’ve got the slug and explosion rhythm down, Astilla will serve up Slash and Impact Damage, making it great when facing the Corpus. It does start off toward the bottom of the list for base Damage for the Shotgun class, so you’ll definitely need some nice mods to bring it up to strength. With its current neutral Riven Disposition, any Riven you find is likely to be fairly average. Like most Rivens, however, it can definitely be a build changer. It does come primed with a Madurai (V) Polarity for a nice Damage mod, and a Naramon (-) Polarity for a Utility mod.

Crit or Status?

Astilla is undoubtedly a Shotgun to build for Status. Though it has a decent Critical Chance, you can reach the magic 100% with a few Status Chance boost mods. Also, unlike most Shotguns, since it fires slugs your Chance is not divided up by the number of pellets. Additionally, although the total Damage is split 30/70, Chance to deal a Critical Hit or Status Proc is not, and is kept at 100/100 for both slug and explosion.

Starting toward the bottom of the ladder for Damage and then splitting said Damage between its slug and explosion, Astilla will take some work to bring to full strength. It fills the Impact void left by Gara’s other weapons, though, so if you are using her full kit, it is definitely worthwhile to obtain. A glass slug-hurling shotgun is a lot of fun, so while it may not become your new main, Astilla is definitely worth a try.

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