Weapon 101 – Dual Ether

dual ether tips warframe

The Dual Ether swords are… well… dual swords… of Tenno origin. They do have some OK stats and even some innate properties that make them seem like they’d be useful, but in practice, they just feel underpowered. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying that the Dual Ether is my least favourite Melee weapon in all of Warframe, so I guess that’s kind of an achievement? Then again, there are still a lot of Melee weapons I’m yet to master, so this accolade may end up being awarded elsewhere… Time will tell.

How to Acquire

With no Mastery requirement, players can purchase the Blueprint from the Market for 20,000 credits. In the interests of getting these done and dusted quickly, I’d recommend you get on that as early as you can in your Warframe career. The Resources are fairly basic, but you will need Morphics from Mars before you can build, so keep that in mind…

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Morphics
    Morphics 3
  • Salvage
    Salvage 900
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 850
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 800


On paper, they seem great – they have a high attack speed, so you can pull off numerous attacks in a short period of time; they are predominately Slash-based, so you can look to get some Bleed procs; they have an innate knockdown effect if used in very close range; single attacks can hit multiple enemies; lastly – the spin attack has a Stun effect on susceptible enemies. All of this sounds great!

However, the overall Damage is pretty low, and both the Critical and Status Chance percentage is low – so you may as well give up on those Bleed procs. And those innate effects? They are often hard to pull off, and very situational.

Crit or Status?

With a Critical Chance of 5% and a Status Chance of 10%, neither are worth building towards – even a 100% increase in Status Chance is still only 20%. Build this for straight Damage, put on a Fury mod so you can go crazy, then… get rid of it.

I might be overly negative when it comes to the Dual Ether, but… well, it deserves the negativity. If you found some way to make this weapon viable, please let me know – I promise I’ll create a supplementary article and credit you with the advice! But until then… Master them and sell them off ASAP.

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