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The Kama is classified as a Tenno Machete, but is also described as a hatchet. In terms of looks, it has more of the feel of a scythe, but I guess the design of the handle, etc., means that it is wielded more like a hatchet… Dangerous for all involved, I think. It’s very pointy.

As a close range weapon that can attack multiple enemies at once, it is quite useful, and the high Slash Damage is a bonus (but look at it – it would be weird if it didn’t have Slash Damage). Still, there are better Melee weapons available, and better options even within its own grouping.

How to Acquire

The Kama blueprint can be purchased for 40,000 credits from the Market, and has an MR requirement of 1. The resources required to build it, though, will require you to grind through to Jupiter before you can get started…

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Neural Sensors
    Neural Sensors 5
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 1,200
  • Circuits
    Circuits 900
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 1,200

Once you’ve mastered it, though, hold onto it! Not only are two of them required to build the Dual Kamas (naturally), but the Dual Kamas themselves are then required to build the Dual Raza.


kama stats

The base Damage is, to be honest, a bit low. Given the limited Range, you really need to get in close with this little fella. In addition, while it does boast a pretty good attack speed, and that the jumping attack has a knockdown effect, the overall stats are just too low to get excited about. Still, it has two innate V polarities to get you started on beefing it up.

Crit or Status?

Neither – the Critical and Status Chance for this weapon are both so pitifully low that it’s not worth building towards either. This also means that the lovely high Slash percentage is likely to go to waste as you’ll be unlikely to proc any Bleed…

The Kama isn’t a terrible weapon – in fact, it’s perfectly suited to low-MR players against low-level enemies. The issue is, though, that you don’t get Neural Sensors until you get to Jupiter… and by then, you should have outgrown the Kama.

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2 thoughts on “Weapon 101 – Kama

  1. Swazy says:

    Ok stupid ? I already acquired 1 Kama and um trying to get duals I bought the blueprint for duals but I cant just buy another Kama and thats all the requirements for the duals say. What do I do?

    • No worries! Once you’ve levelled your Kama to Rank 30 (so you can get all of the Mastery from it), then you’ll need to buy another Kama blueprint from the market and build that (and yes, you’ll need another weapon slot, as you need to claim the second Kama first). You’ll then be able to use both Kama at the foundry to build the Dual Kama, using the DK blueprint. Hope that helps!

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