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The Karyst is a Tenno Dagger of singular design – its wavy form is certainly one of a kind. In addition to its design, it’s also the only weapon outside of the Infested weapon set to offer intrisic Toxin Damage. In fact, not only does it offer intrinsic Toxin Damage, but it is SOLELY Toxin Damage, opting to forgo IPS Damage completely (note to the wise – IPS mods will NOT have any effect on this weapon). This is not a bad thing, provided you mod the weapon right, as its stats aren’t bad overall. Still, there are better options among Melee weapon offerings.

How to Acquire

With no Mastery Rank requirement, this isn’t a bad weapon to chase in the early game – the Blueprint will set you back 20,000 credits from the Market. While the resource requirements aren’t high, they are somewhat exotic, though, with Oxium requiring access to Jupiter and the Argon Crystal requiring access to the Void. Still, the Karyst will still be somewhat effective at that stage, so it might be worthwhile keeping in the back of your mind (although the MR0 requirement is a bit misleading).

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Salvage
    Salvage 1,500
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 800
  • Oxium
    Oxium 100
  • Argon Crystal
    Argon Crystal 1


karyst stats

The base Damage for the Karyst is pretty good, starting with 50 Toxin Damage. In addition, there is 100% chance to proc a Toxin Status Effect on ground slam, which provides effective Damage over Time among groups of enemies (note that this is specifically a Toxin proc, even if you have modded for Corrosive, for example). For a Dagger, it does have quite a low attack speed, which is really what lets this weapon down.

Crit or Status?

Of the two options, the Karyst is best modded for Status, but with a 15% base SC, you will struggle to get the chance too high. As a result, it’s a toss-up between modding for straight Damage using 90% elemental mods vs using 60% Dual-Stat mods to mod for Status procs. That said, with 2 60% Dual Stat mods, you can achieve 33% SC, which isn’t terrible.

If you don’t play around with this weapon, or understand the Toxin proc on ground slam, you might not find this very interesting in comparison to other Melee weapons. However, it’s pretty versatile for what it is, and you can build a fairly solid Melee weapon using mostly standard mods. Sure, there are better weapons out there, but this isn’t a terrible one, and might be worth checking out.

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